The importance of educating your workforce on how to optimise their working from home set up to ensure maximum comfort, productivity and avoidance of work related musculoskeletal strains and sprains

There are probably now more office workers at home working than there is in offices across Australia as a result of the COVID – 19 virus.  The result of this is business as usual for many corporations, whilst hopefully assisting in flattening the curve.  In times gone by many corporations probably didn’t place a huge emphasis on the importance of risk assessments for office workers as generally speaking the frequency and types of work related injuries for office workers was probably relatively low to other industries that involve manual handling, working at heights etc. 

It is very likely that the statistics relating to workcover claims for office workers at home is likely to increase as a result of many workers now working from potentially sub optimal workstation set ups, as well as potential for harm in other aspects of the home environment which is now deemed as part of the workplace. 

We would recommend consulting with your workers to identify if any workers are currently experiencing a flare up of pre existing complaints or whether they have since developed aches and pains since working at home. 

Our team of health professionals have experience in both treating and management musculoskeletal complaints as well as having undertaken 1000s of assessments since we started business in 2010. 

Corporate Work Health Australia currently offer a range of services that have been developed to assist businesses in managing the home health and safety risks of workers who are now at home.  If you would like to find out more about these services, please email  Workers can also book directly via our webpage @

home office ergonomic assessments for companies
home office ergonomic assessments and risk management for companies