Reduce Workplace Injury & Boost Your Employee’s Productivity Through An Ergonomic Assessment

Ergonomic Assessment in Brisbane

You and those that you hire to work for you likely spent a lot of time in school or college or university gaining the knowledge that brings the opportunity to work in the industry you currently occupy. While your education was specific to the theory and practical elements of what it takes to become successful or a valued worker, it is highly unlikely that you were taught best practices in terms of how to physically carry out your work so that your health and wellbeing is not detrimentally affected.

At Corporate Work Health Australia, our ergonomic assessment training gives Brisbane-based business owners and employees a means of consulting key health professionals in terms of finding the best way to work. Our large network caters to the needs of workers all across Australia and our tailored services have met expectations and resulted in 94% of those that used us in the past stating that they would retain our services again.
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Ergonomic Assessment in Brisbane

As an employer, you understandably want to do everything in your power to ensure your workforce are well equipped to do their jobs, as well as making sure that you are taking care of their well-being. At Corporate Work Health Australia, our ergonomic assessment in Brisbane can measure how strong the ergonomics are in your workplace, creating solutions where necessary to bring you greater productivity and a good return on your investment.

At Corporate Work Health Australia, we know that each workplace can vary, which is why we bring you a bespoke service. We work with companies who are based in traditional offices, as well as those who work in a factory-setting to those who spend a lot of their day in the car. By creating a tailor-made package, you will be given the solutions that work for you, which is something that you cannot get when you purchase an off-the-shelf package.

Corporate Work Health Australia: For the Right Assessment and Advice

When you are looking for an ergonomic assessment for your Brisbane site, you want to know that the company you have chosen is qualified to make the assessments. When it comes to Corporate Work Health Australia, you can choose us with confidence. We know what we are talking about. With our team made up with members of the AHPRA, the health and well-being of you and your employees are in the best hands.

If any members of your workforce have previously been injured and will soon be returning to work, we can help to create solutions that make it possible and reduce the risk of further or reoccurring injury. This includes the use of specialised equipment to ensure they can do their job properly, as well as supporting you with how changes can be made to suit their needs.

Along with an assessment of the performance of the ergonomics in your workplace, we can also help by providing ergonomic assessment training in Brisbane. By teaching your employees to sit, stand and perform their daily tasks in the right way, it can reduce the risk of injury. We can also train colleagues to perform a basic ergonomic assessment, and this can ensure that your workplace continues to have strong ergonomics for your workforce.

Protect Employees By Improving Ergonomics

Our ergonomic assessments are all designed so that your company can benefit. This includes fewer sick days, as well as better morale amongst your employees. After all, when you have an employer who cares about your well-being, you are much more likely to work hard for them.

When you have had your assessment, you will be able to put measures in place to minimise the risk of injuries. These can range and it depends entirely on your circumstances. While some businesses may be advised to look at more ergonomic furniture or anti-fatigue standing mats, it could be that you need to re-assess the layout of your office to improve function and safety.

Contact us today for a quote and let us show you how we can help you.

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Professional Ergonomic Assessment Training Can Prevent Harm & Loss Of Money

The ideal candidate to avail of an ergonomic assessment in Brisbane is a brand new office, or start-up, or a self-employed person that is considering what their home office will look and feel like. Taking proactive measures that deliver preventative solutions to injury in the workplace from the start is the dream. Once they are in place and workers have been trained as to how best to carry out their tasks, then the policy becomes self-sustaining and fosters a culture of positive workplace behaviour.

However, for those that are approaching this as a result of witnessing far too many days of absenteeism due to poor workstations or bad habits, don’t worry, you can still make a positive change with our help. At Corporate Work Health Australia, we bring an objective point of view to your site and will complete a risk assessment that will indicate any hazards or poor practices that need to be changed.

The office ergonomics training course is a tailored program that we will design for your organization will cater directly to the issues that we identified and you will find that our modes of delivery are more extensive and designed to increase employee understanding and, as a consequence, lead to the integration of good practices.

Once your workforce is aware of the risk that they face, no matter how small or seemingly inconsequential, they retain this information and act as mentors and guides in best practice for new hires. As such, by training your current staff such as with manual handling courses in Brisbane, you are taking measures to ensure the safety and wellbeing of new hires.

Ergonomic Assessment Strategies Tailor-Made For Your Brisbane Business

Here at Corporate Work Health Australia, we believe that without a great ergonomics plan a workplace can become an unproductive and inefficient space that results in many preventable injuries and costly losses. Our goal is to assess the current state of your site and provide strategies that are tailor-made to address the specifics that we noted.

We don’t believe in off the shelf type solutions, but instead, want to create company and workstation specific solutions that will lead to a notable increase in productivity and boost the overall wellbeing of your workforce.

We deliver the best ergonomic assessment training Brisbane has to offer and we encourage those that wish to take preventative action to better educate themselves and their workers so that they can adopt best practices that will ensure a much more productive and positive work environment. We also run our training sessions in other Australian cities such as Melbourne and Sydney. If you’re looking to hire more employees we also run through pre employment medical examinations in Brisbane to ensure your candidate can carry out the role with no difficulty. Call us today for a quote and to discuss what you hope to achieve for your business.

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