Online Ergonomic Assessment And Training By Leading Health Professionals

Customised online ergonomic training designed to achieve real, measurable results.

Corporate Work Health Australia offers a range of online ergonomic assessments and training courses or we can customise a package to suit your requirements.

Workers can complete ergonomic online training quickly and easily or learn at their own pace. We can even teach members of your team to deliver ergonomic training and assessments.

Online Training Course CWHA

Online Ergonomic Training Course 

3.5 hour self paced online ‘workstation desk setup’ course 

See options for health professionals and/or HR, People & Culture, or OHS/WHS professionals

We cover the following

  • Review OHS / WHS risk management system and where office workstation ergonomics fits within this system
  • Review ergonomic principles specific to an individual and their desk/workstation
  • Review and implement a step by step process to setting up a worker or client at their workstation
  • Review the research regarding office workstation ergonomics and how to implement this according to the worker’s or client’s needs
  • Discuss the common workplace issues relating to office workstation ergonomics and how to address these
  • Review common equipment accessories and considerations on when to prescribe these
  • Problem solving examples for the short worker, tall worker, worker with lower back pain and upper limb pain
  • 11 learning modules and multi choice quizzes to assess your learning
  • Certificate of completion provided at the completion of the course for your workplace OHS/WHS records and professional development requirements

INDIVIDUALS BOOK HERE ONLY $129 (discounts for multiple staff members)

HEALTH PROFESSIONALS BOOK HERE ONLY $129 (discounts for multiple team members)

Online Ergonomic Training Workshop

Home and office ergonomic workstation webinar 

View details of this live webinar

This session is ideal for the business who would like to educate their team or entire business in how to optimise their home and/or office workstation ergonomics


  • Educating workers on how to optimise their current home and/or office workstation setup
  • Educating workers on common work from home challenges and strategies to overcome any challenges 
  • Educating workers on movement behaviours and breaks to reduce static awkward working postures that may result in aches and pains
  • Prescription of basic stretches that can be performed whilst at the home workstation
  • Up to 100 team members can join each session 


Starting at $250+GST. Please call 1300 951 519 or email for a quote.

Customised Training Videos

Custom made ergonomic and educational videos

Find out about videos for office training videos

Are you looking for a customised ergonomic training and education solution?

We can create customised training videos that you can implement as part of our onboarding of new employees, health and safety training week and annual training.

Customised training videos include:

  • Office workstation ergonomic training videos
  • Manual handling training videos
  • Vehicle ergonomic training videos
  • Health and wellbeing training videos

Email or call us to discuss your needs so that we can provide you a customised quote.

Book An Online Meeting With One Of Our Directors

Our directors have over 20 years experience! A online video call is recommended for organisations wanting whole business workstation assessments, Level 3 ergonomics or multi site ergonomic train the assessor. Choose the state you require service delivery in via the buttons below to book a FREE online meeting or call and we will find a time that suits you.

Online Ergonomic Assessments – Basic, Standard or Custom

Corporate Work Health Australia online ergonomic assessment courses are created and updated by health professionals and industry experts.  The training is designed for people with different learning styles and they work on multiple devices and platforms. The ergonomic training course online is easy to access, simple to understand and at the end participants complete a short assessment to demonstrate their understanding of the course material.

We offer 3-4 hour online courses for both the allied health professional as well as corporate HR/OHS and People & Culture on office ergonomic workstation setup. We can custom design training and assessments to suit your requirements.

Do you have a sizeable workforce? We can educate large groups of workers via a 30-60minute webinar based training session on how to set up their workspace when working from home.

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Ergonomic Training Online

Our online ergonomic training courses are for those who would like to assist their clients or team members with workstation ergonomic setup and education. These online courses allow you to learn at your own pace from work or from home consisting of a mixture of lectures, practical demonstrations, videos and quizzes to test your knowledge.


1. Enquiry

Call, email or complete a form. Let us know what you want to achieve or the problems you are having.

2. Consultation

Phone, video call or face to face. We will discuss your needs, make some suggestions and provide a quote.

3. Assessment

Your assessment and/or training package is 100% tailor made to suit your needs, budget and service requirements.

4. Training

Onsite, online or both. Your personalised package is delivered by health professionals with extensive clinical and teaching experience.

5. Results

We have helped thousands of people at some of Australia’s top companies. Our team will work with you every step of the way to ensure you achieve the right results for your company and for your workers.

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Free Basic Ergonomic Risk Management Evaluation

Answer a few questions and receive a free online consultation with one of our highly experienced occupational health professionals

CWHA Free Ergonomic Evaluation

Online Ergonomic Training & Assessment Benefits For Companies

  • Fulfil your duty of care to provide a safe workplace by providing high quality training to your staff through the ergonomic course online
  • Implement ergonomic equipment recommendations earlier rather than later by having internal staff educated on workstation setup ergonomics
  • Educate your entire team on work from home setup and challenges
  • Reduce workplace injuries related to computer based work
  • Improve your workplace consultation for improved teamwork and employee engagement

Online Ergonomic Training & Assessment Benefits For Employees

  • Improved comfort levels for computer based work and work from home
  • Appropriately setup workstation for new starters through online ergonomic assessment training
  • Learn about office workstation ergonomics to better help yourself stay pain free
  • Learn about the challenges of work from home in order to best manage the risks
  • Correct chair, desk, footrest and monitor heights for your individual needs

Frequently Asked Questions

Do I need experience in ergonomics to complete the online desk setup course?

No – if you are in a role where you can assist in workstation desk setups for your business then you will benefit hugely from our online course

Are there other types of work from home online ergonomic assessment?

Yes we offer a ‘basic’ work from home online assessment which does not use a self assessment form prior to the assessment with our health professionals, as well as a ‘detailed’ work from home online assessment which allows additional time for any staff members with ongoing musculoskeletal concerns.

Will the online workstation ergonomics desk setup course train me to complete a risk assessment?

No to complete a risk assessment you will need to attend one of our full day courses for either allied health professionals or our onsite train the assessor course. Both of these courses will equip you with the skills to complete an ergonomic workstation risk assessment.

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