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Special Offer / 1 Day Left

Last day to get our courses @ a discounted price.  Online office ergonomics $79 (use coupon code "clinikoergo" at checkout.  Get our bundle package (office and vehicle) for $149.  Use coupon code "clinikopackage" at checkout.  Office Workstation...

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Mindfulness and Stress Webinar

Health and Wellbeing coach Tony Fahkry launches his mindfulness and stress webinar with Corporate Work Health Australia online education platform. In this presentation, we explore the many facets of mindfulness and its application in reducing stress and anxiety. Tony...

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Discover Your Why

Health and Wellbeing Coach Tony Fahkry launches his webinar "Discover Your Why" on our CWHA learning platform. In this presentation, you will learn powerful ways to improve and support your health and fitness. The course explores the WHY model, founded by motivational...

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The Importance Of Sleep

Health and Wellbeing Coach Tony Fahkry discusses the importance of sleep and what we can do as individuals to manage this in our lives in his new webinar. The Importance Of Sleep We know the importance of sleep has on our health and well-being, but how many people...

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