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Manual Handling Training in the Gold Coast

Each workplace is different and some are much more active than others. There is no one way to ensure that a working environment is safe and in keeping with health standards, and so it is important that employers consider and seek the advice of external consultants that are well-versed and can bring a level of understanding, experience and advice to the table that will stand them, and their employees, in good stead.

Here at Corporate Work Health Australia, we deliver manual handling training to Gold Coast businesses to ensure that they are compliant with the prevailing health and safety regulations. Our team is backed by qualified health professionals including occupational therapists, exercise physiologists, physiotherapists and osteopaths, all of whom have considerable experience in determining suitable and actionable solutions to boost worker health and safety.

Manual Handling Training Course for Gold Coast Businesses

If your business involves an element of manual handling, calling in external consultants to complete your manual handling training for your Gold Coast business is an investment worth making. Nearly thirty million dollars are spent each year in Australia because of injuries. With that said, the right training can significantly lessen the risk of injuries in the workplace because you are spending the time and money educating your staff in best practice.

Our manual handling course for Gold Coast businesses is bespoke. We design a package that suits your needs, so you can be reassured that, unlike many other training courses, your staff will not have to sit through hours of irrelevant material and feel like they are wasting their time.

Manual Handling Designed Around Your Business

At Corporate Work Health Australia, we understand that each type of business is different. For example, a factory is going to operate very differently to an office even if both have an element of manual handling involved. For this reason, we spend time designing a customised manual training program.

Before we come to your workplace to deliver the training, we review your workplace, speaking to key stakeholders and observing current manual handling practice. By doing this, we ensure the best training is delivered to you.

Training occurs at your place of work for the very simple reason that we can demonstrate work in action and show you how it works for your business. A course that takes place in a hotel can be great in theory, but practically it cannot offer the same results that you will get from Corporate Work Health Australia.

Through the training, we educate staff on the hazards and risks of their area of work, teaching them how to sit, stand, move, lift, operate mechanical aids, use of other materials, and other areas that are important to their job. They will also be given the opportunity to ask any questions that they may have.

A Professional and Thorough Approach to Your Manual Handling

Manual handling training for your Gold Coast business is vital to the overall success and productivity of your company. By working with an experienced team of healthcare professionals, you can be confident that your employees are in the best hands and will receive training that keeps them safe in the workplace.

Once your staff have been trained, you can look forward to better morale in your workplace. It may go without saying, but a workforce that feels cared for by its employer will often work harder for you than those who feel underappreciated and unsafe in their work.

You can also complement your training with a manual handling risk assessment that Corporate Work Health Australia can complete for you. By doing this, you can be sure that you are meeting legal requirements, along with being able to address any areas that fall short.

Contact us today and we can talk through your needs, helping you to decide upon the best training for your workforce.

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Common, Identifiable Manual Handling Mistakes That Happen in the Gold Coast

There are plenty of things that we do every day, some of which we may not even be aware of, but that has a negative impact on our bodies. At Corporate Work Health Australia, we seek to highlight areas that pose a risk or threat to the wellbeing of the workforce through a manual handling risk assessment. Our manual handling course for Gold Coast businesses helps to bring these to the attention of those affected and from there we create new solutions that lead to good practices.

Some of the key things that are found in a lot of workplaces across Australia slip into the processes and procedures of even the most successful companies without being noticed. Companies that experience growth will naturally expand and change the scope of their work areas. However, in doing so, this may have a direct impact on the layout and efficiencies of your staff and increase the likelihood of injury or accident as a result.

There are countless workplace injuries every year that could be prevented by using a trolley or a cart. Picking or lifting and carrying may seem like the quickest way to get something done, but without knowing how to, or having an informed awareness of one’s ability to actually complete the task, this can strain and injure the body. The added downside is that productivity drops for the day and while your employee recovers. Undertaking a manual handling course can help educate your employees on the proper procedures to reduce the risk of injury.

One of the worst things a company can do is to ignore the complaints of their employees. If they are repeatedly noting strain or pain as a result of any of the processes they carry out, then this needs to be addressed. Your workforce knows where the flaws are, so we believe that including them in the conversation is key to finding better ways to work.

The Ideal Manual Handling Package for Your Gold Coast Business

At Corporate Work Health Australia, we seek to bring an objective viewpoint to your organization that is different from the normal, run-of-the-mill training programs you may be familiar with. We engage in multiple modes of delivery to increase the impact of what we teach and ensure that it has a greater success rate in terms of integration. Furthermore, we offer robust and consistent monitoring of performance in the wake of our training so that what we delivered is having a positive impact.

We deliver the best manual handling training the Gold Coast has at its disposal and can create the ideal package by combining it with ergonomic assessments for your business, no matter what industry you occupy. We invite you to get in touch with our team today to speak about what you want to achieve and look forward to soon making your workplace a healthier, safer and more productive environment.

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