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Ergonomic training and assessments are delivered by Osteopaths, Physiotherapists and Exercise Physiologists who have many years assessment, teaching and OHS instructor experience in Northern NSW.

> We have delivered over 10,709 ergonomic assessments and training sessions

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> Training for office, workstation, transport, freight, warehousing, engineering and more

> 100% customised assessments and training can be completed face to face, online or both

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Cost Effective Ergonomic Assessments Northern NSW To Reduce Injuries and Compensation Claims

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Northern New South Wales Ergonomic Assessment Delivered In The Office, At Your Home And Online

Why get a ergonomics assessment for yourself or you workers in Northern NSW? Think about how you are sitting right now and whether there are any aches, niggling discomforts or pains throughout your body. If you are at work and you recognise that your current sitting position is causing you pain and you are in a position of influence or you are responsible for a number of employees, then think about the potential discomfort they are experiencing right now an how it might effect their productivity.

Ergonomic assessment Northern NSW allows business owners to benefit from the skills and knowledgeable insight of a team of health professionals with substantial experience in terms of musculoskeletal complaints and injuries in the workplace. At Corporate Work Health Australia, we are the go-to people for any business that wants to minimise the discomfort experienced by its workforce and enhance the potential for them to work to the best of their abilities.

We work for small and large businesses, educational institutions and government branches in Northern NSW to offer tailored ergonomic assessments that meet and exceed your needs. The quality of our work is undeniable and you can take comfort in the fact that all of our health professionals are members of the Safety Institute of Australia as well as members of the Human Factors and Ergonomics Society of Australia.

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Reduce Risk Using Ergonomics Assessments In Tweed Heads

Money is the biggest loss experienced by any company that fails to address the comfort, safety and wellbeing of their staff. The most important assets you have are your people and they were hired, possibly by you, because of their experience and expertise. By failing to provide them with a work environment that protects their welfare, this investment will never deliver the return you expect.

Ergonomic assessment training offers Tweed Heads office managers and key decision makers the opportunity to gain true insights into how they do things. An assessment should be viewed as a preventative tool, but often we are called in after a worker has started experiencing pain. Our assessors highlight problems that can cause injuries and put your workforce at risk and solutions can be determined as a result, which will ensure a better fit for the company and employees.

Empowering your employees through ergonomics training by affording them the knowledge to increase their ability to focus on the task at hand and take their mind off potential hazards adds huge value to any company. The reality is that once employees are trained in a manner that is specific to their daily work, this takes hold and can create a positive culture on the shop floor. Ergonomic workstation assessments in Tweed Heads ensures your employees are working at the safest and most efficient manner.

The greater your ergonomic plan, the less likely you are to have to deal with recurring injuries, absenteeism as a result of accidents and claims that stem from an employee’s belief that they were harmed because a safe working environment was not provided. Our office ergonomics training course will address all these issues and teach you the right method to address any ergonomic problems present in the workplace.


Ergonomic Assessments Byron Bay For A Productive Workplace

At Corporate Work Health Australia, we deliver a ergonomic assessment Byron Bay natives can count on. We tailor our service off the back of consulting with key stakeholders and we provide strategies that are ideal for your company. The end result is savings for you, fewer injuries, faster rates of recovery, increased productivity and improved employee morale.

Couple your assessment with appropriate manual handling training in Byron Bay to ensure your employees have the required skills to carry out their tasks in a safe and secure manner. Go one step further and ensure your Byron Bay workforce is capable from the get go by undertaking a functional capacity evaluation throughout your hiring process, this will highlight which candidates skills are suitable for the task at hand and ensure you have an employee that has a lower risk of injury.

Taking a close look at how your ergonomic plan stacks up is a worthy investment of your time, and for those who might already be sitting uncomfortably, rest assured that in our hands we can create a path to the future that is not only more comfortable but supports a productive Byron Bay workplace. Call today for a quote.

What To Can Expect From Our Ergonomic Assessments in Murwillumbah

With every one of our business workplace ergonomic assessments in Murwillumbah we tailor effective solutions to reduce strains, and sprains, and aim to improve your workers’ health and wellbeing. We deliver customised onsite consultations to suit your company’s needs, values and systems.

Here’s a preview of what you can expect our ergonomic assessments to look like in your Murwillumbah workplace:

  • Educational workshops to teach workers how to set up proper work stations
  • Ergonomic workstation assessments – ranging from 15 minute preventative assessments to 50 minute specialised injury management or return to work assessments
  • Train the Trainer Workshops – involving training key staff on how to help set up other staff member work stations at their desk, and/or complete basic computer ergonomic workstation assessments
  • Home office ergonomic assessments
  • Vehicle ergonomic assessments

We also provide combined training sessions in ergonomics, manual handling and vehicle ergonomics all over Murwillumbah.

Ergonomic Assessors And Instructors

At Corporate Work Health Australia, our ergonomic assessments are carried out by highly experienced and qualified health professionals. Our team are registered members of the AHPRA, as well as members of the Safety Institute of Australia and the Human Factors and Ergonomics Society of Australia.

No matter what type of workplace business office environment you and your staff are working in, our team at Corporate Work Health Australia will be sure to provide tailored, customised and extremely useful strategies to help improve and enhance the wellbeing of your workforce.

We pride ourselves in understanding people, the modern workplace and the many challenges people are facing on a daily basis.

To learn more about how our ergonomic assessment instructors and professionals can help your team, simply get in touch with us today.

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