Save Money & Time By Reducing Compensation Premiums & Workplace Injuries Through Manual Handling Training

Manual Handling Course in Brisbane

Workplace injuries cost Australian businesses billions of dollars every year, both in terms of lost revenue and compensation as a result of claims. With employees living increasingly sedentary lifestyles, which are bolstered, in many industries, by much less activity in the workplace, there has never been a more important time to address the health and safety standards and risks that your staff face every day.

At Corporate Work Health Australia, our manual handling course offers Brisbane businesses a means of accessing a tailor-designed, professionally delivered training program for their specific organisation. No matter which industry you are engaged in, our team of highly-experience professionals will create implementable, practical strategies that will boost the health and safety standards of your operation and increase your ability to realise the potential of your workforce.

We want those that put in the hours every day at your company to experience fewer injuries over the course of each year, as a result, improve the overall morale on the workshop floor, so to speak. With the appropriate training, your staff benefit from the education they receive and how they interact with their specific workstations.

What’s more, real savings can be made where a business gains a complete and comprehensive overview of their work methods, as sick leave drops and claims against the company are reduced or eradicated.
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Manual Handling Training Course for Businesses in Brisbane

Manual handling is an area of training that should not be taken lightly. Given the serious consequences that can occur as a result of employees not following the safest procedures, it makes sense to spend both time and money educating your staff by hiring in external experts.

At Corporate Work Health Australia, our manual handling training programs for your Brisbane * business are customised to work for your company and the work that is involved in them.

Training in Brisbane from Healthcare Experts

There are many great reasons to choose Corporate Work Health Australia, but one of the key details is that we are made up of a professional body. The company was founded by physiotherapist Wade Brennan and osteopath Heath Williams. Together, with a team made up of other physiotherapists, osteopaths, and many more healthcare workers, we can provide you with a comprehensive solution to the health in your workplace.

As healthcare professionals, we can advise you with complete confidence in the best practice for your workplace, ensuring the safety and health of all your workers. Manual handling, when done incorrectly, can lead to a whole host of musculoskeletal complaints, including the back, joint, and limbs. By taking the right manual handling course in Brisbane *, we can reduce this risk, which not only increases your productivity but also lessens the risk of absenteeism.

Corporate Work Health Australia’s bespoke training is so successful because we create a package that is entirely based around your business and industry. For this very reason, we come and complete your manual handling course at your Brisbane * site. This allows us to deliver practical education and workers can practise their manual handling under supervision. By doing so, the training becomes a lot more ‘real’, rather than being something that has been learned in a classroom-like setting that bears no resemblance to the reality of their job.

At times, bad habits may form part of our daily practice, and it could result in machines being operated in a way that puts a worker’s health at risk or someone may simply have become accustomed to lifting badly. As your company grows, this will, in turn, increase your workforce. Therefore, both new employees and existing members can benefit from exceptional training by our team.

By regularly assessing your manual handling, you can ensure that your workers are completing their jobs in the safest way possible. Should you need any help with your manual handling risk assessment, we are also on hand to help, and this can identify any areas of weakness that need to be addressed.

Provide Your Employees in Brisbane with the Best Training

If your colleagues complain of twinges and pains in their back or another area of their body, do not delay and make sure that you invest in quality manual handling training in Brisbane * today.  Your investment now can make all the difference in the future.

Contact us today and you can look forward to a happier, healthier, and safer workforce.

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Tap into Your Employees’ Potential in Brisbane

Naturally, there is a legal requirement on all businesses to provide safe workspaces for their employees, but the reality is that unless regular checks are completed and all staff are educated to the same standard and are aware of their responsibilities, then it becomes very easy for things to slip.

Here at Corporate Work Health Australia, we believe that with manual handling training, Brisbane businesses can benefit from an objective overview of what they do and how it could be improved.

Something small, like the way your workers sit at their desks may be the reason that you see as many absentee days as you do. We seek to identify the manual handling and ergonomic hazards and risk factors that are pertinent to your business and then create an appropriate, corrective approach.

We don’t just deliver a generic talk or presentation to our clients. Instead, we consult with your key stakeholders, which include the employees, to determine how a task or process is completed. From there a manual handling risk assessment of the task or process in question is performed and a report generated which indicates our findings, and determines the appropriate control measures to be implemented.

In terms of the packages that we offer, these include the following:

Upgrade Your Brisbane Workforce With Manual Handling Training

At Corporate Work Health Australia, data from our most recent survey shows that 92% of past clients stated that our service achieved the outcome they desired and met their expectations. What’s more, with 94% likely or very likely to retain our services in the future, this speaks to the quality of our work.

If you want a holistic assessment of your company and employees, Corporate Work Health also offer ergonomic assessments in Brisbane to ensure your employees are working in the most efficient way possible. If you are also looking to hire more employees for your business, we also carry out pre-employment medical examinations in Brisbane to ensure you are hiring the right candidate for the job.

Even if you are unsure what you require, we encourage you to get in touch to speak about what our manual handling course could do for your Brisbane-based business. We have the solutions to a more healthier, safer and more productive future and we look forward to bringing them to your workplace.

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