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Customised Manual Handling Training Delivered at the Job Site, Workplace or Online

Manual handling is the number one cause of injuries in the workplace! Our team of highly experienced physiotherapists, osteopaths and exercise physiologists work collaboratively with you to deliver task specific training that will address the manual handling challenges in your business.

In addition to Northern New South Wales manual handling training we can create specialised educational videos, develop safe work procedures and conduct manual handling risk assessments for workers who are injured or simply to create and maintain a safe, productive work environment.

Manual handling training Northern NSW can be completed at your workplace, office and at the job site. Plus, we offer online manual handling training or key members of your team can complete our manual handling train the trainer courses.

We have extensive experience in manual handling for freight and logistics, warehouse and manufacturing, construction, office workers or government departments, universities and more.

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Manual Handling Training Course in Northern NSW

Almost 70% of our day is made up of activity or inactivity that is somewhat damaging to our overall wellbeing. Where this really matters is in the workplace, particularly when employees engage in physical exertion that can cause strain, pain and injury. Equally a lack of activity as a result of a sedentary lifestyle may increase the chances of incurring injury in the workplace, which is bad news for business everywhere.

Our Northern NSW manual handling training allows business owners a resource that they can depend on for a thorough assessment of their work practices and solutions that will improve the overall wellbeing of their workforce.

Our manual handling trainers develop and implement personalised solutions to address you Northern NSW business needs and through our training programs, your staff can learn how to lower the risk of injury in their work environment and the daily tasks the perform.

Our systematic and logical approach to managing risk will lead to the development of strategies that will enhance the productive of the workforce and minimise the potential risk of injury and costly compensation claims

Manual Handling Training Tweed Heads To Reduce Risks

When it comes to manual handling training for your business in Tweed Heds, it is definitely something you want to do right. With the best training in place, you can look forward to fewer musculoskeletal complaints as a result of poor materials handling practices in the workplace.

Our manual handling instructors in Tweed Heads come to your workplace to ensure the training we deliver is specific to your business, and it will give your staff the tools and know-how to complete their jobs safely.

Along with the benefits that manual handling can bring to your business such as greater productivity and fewer sick days from your staff, you also have a legal obligation to protect your workers.

Corporate Work Health Australia is the ideal company to complete your manual handling training at your Tweed Heads site because our team is made up of physiotherapists, osteopaths, or exercise physiologists who have completed the training. They offer their expertise to teach your staff the safest ways to complete their work, thus resulting in fewer musculoskeletal complaints, injuries and costly compensation claims.

When you choose to have a customised manual handling course at your Tweed Heads workplace, we consult key stakeholders to learn view your current manual handling practices then photograph and video how staff are currently operating to determine about how we can help you.

We offer the chance for your Tweed Heads staff to ask any questions as this is one of the best ways for them to learn is to be listened to and have their concerns addressed. From here, we custom design trainging and assessments to meet your needs. It can focus solely on manual handling, or we can also combine a package to include office ergonomics and other OHS services. 

During training, workers are made aware of the potential dangers that they face when they come to work. Along with this, we raise awareness of how their behaviour and the way they complete their tasks could have a detrimental effect on their health. We then educate them on how to work safely, using mechanical aids if necessary.


Manual Handling Training Byron Bay Could Save You Thousands

Manual handling training courses in Byron Bay need to be custom designed to your workplace and workers taking into consideration the specific movements, tasks, tools and environment required to improve productivity, employee safety and the quality of the work completed. This is how you increase efficency and make more money.

Manual handling training in Byron Bay is can benefit workers in all industries. While the occupations that typically show the highest rate of serious claims include manual labour, the operation of machinery and driving, this does not mean employees that are engaged in less physical work are insulated from strain or serious injury.

Here at Corporate Work Health Australia, our training courses can be tailored to suit a vast range of businesses, in a variety of different industries. A manual handling risk assessment is the key to a much more productive workplace. Protective measures that serve the physical and mental wellbeing of your workforce are just as important as your core OHS requirements.

Given that close to thirty million dollars are spent each year in Australia as a result of injuries, it seems obvious to us that many industries, companies and even individuals are ignoring the potential risks that surround them every day. Addressing this colossal number starts with effective advice, delivered by certified health professionals of the highest standing.

Our manual handling courses could be the difference between paying out a major compensation claim or watching your efficiency standards rise.

Manual Handling Training Murwillumbah To Create A Better Future

We believe in taking proactive steps toward a safer environment and preventing accidents and injury, instead of reacting after something has happened. Once manual handling issues at your Murwillumbah business are pointed out, you quickly realise just how many risks escape your attention every day.

We don’t just implement the same course everywhere we go, we design and plan our training to suit your specific industry. Our manual handling training gives Murwillumbah business the means to create a better future. Combine our pre employment medical assessment with our manual handling training to ensure that your employees are capable and trained from the day they start with your company and well into the future.

We are the go-to manual handling trainers for countless companies across Australia because we are experienced health professionals who also own businesses, and know how to tailor manual handling assessment and traing in Murwillumbah to deliver the best results possible.

Murwillumbah businesses can benefit from the same education, advice and assessments we give Australia’s biggest brands, which can make a huge difference you workplace. We tailor our training to your industry to your specific needs. The end result is a more positive workforce, empowered to achieve their full potential more safely.

This is the health check your organisation requires to realise its full potential. Call today to book an appointment.


Manual Handling Assessment Northern New South Wales To Reduce Injuries

Manual handling training is tailored to the work that they do every day reduces risk and promotes a more positive workplace. We can carry out a manual handling risk assessment prior commencing training to see what areas of manual handling training are needed can create customised training that is specific to your workplace.

Our Norther NSW manual handling instructors are professional and highly experienced manual handling experts who are members of Safety Institute of Australia, Human Factors & Ergonomics Society of Australia. This means you’ll be getting help from work health professionals who are up-to-date with the latest safety work regulations and requirements that your particular business needs to comply with.

You can rest assured that your workers will get the best possible advice and learn best practices that will afford them a better quality of life at work. We help outline how to create a safe manual handling workplace, the proper manual handling techniques (lifting, carrying, pushing, pulling, putting down goods), as well as so much more.

We also offer manual handling assessment and training in Sydney and Canberra. Those that wish to access the best manual handling training are invited to get in touch with our team to access latest solutions for a safer workplace.