Pre-employment Medical Assessment

Pre Employment Medical Assessment for a Safer Workplace

Everybody wants to find employment and feel that they are making their way in the world as best they can. However, the process of looking for work often leads many candidates to apply for a variety of jobs and for work that they have little or no experience. The problem is that while on paper they may seem capable, they may be completely unsuitable for the position due to their physical capabilities or a pre-existing injury that puts them and their new employer at risk.

The pre employment medical assessment delivered by the team here at Corporate Work Health Australia is designed to make the process of hiring the right candidates for the right jobs that bit more transparent.

Our team is comprised of business owners and health professionals who understand the need for finding an employee that combines the best of intelligence with an aptitude for the position. As such, we believe that accessing the most pertinent information with regards to all aspects of the job that is to be carried out is essential and vital.

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Advantages of Undertaking Pre-Employment Assessments

Any business that hires new employees without gaining a complete sense of their capabilities fails in the duty of care they are expected to deliver to their workforce. Not only does it put your company at risk if a workplace injury occurs, and potentially cost you thousands of dollars, but it also limits your capacity for growth, productivity and profitability. What’s more, this oversight could put others at risk and give your company a bad name.

At Corporate Work Health Australia, we believe that the pre employment medical assessment is an essential tool that all employers in all industries should avail of. Our pre employment assessment and functional capacity evaluation are a series of tests that are designed to determine exactly how suitable your candidates are for the specific job that you are considering them for.

Injury prevention is a key component of the services that we deliver. Limiting MSK complaints is crucial, but this is made much more difficult where those that you hire are more at risk of incurring injury. Our tests will show whether a candidate is in good health, or if they are limited in their abilities, or if they have incurred previous injuries, which may increase their chances of being injured again.

What’s more, engaging in this practice as a standard part of your hiring process will give you the benefit of historical records that just might be useful should you suddenly receive a claim from an employee. The record will indicate their capabilities prior to taking the job and as such, in instances where false claims are made, they can be a key piece of information that could save a lot of money.

Gaining Insight into Prospective Workers

Our service is available throughout Australia and we only use high-quality practitioners. Our tailored services ensure that no matter what job you hope to fill, we can adjust the test to thoroughly assess your candidates and provide you with clear, objective insights into how best they are suited to the work, and the level of risk that you face in choosing to hire them.

So, if you are ready to take control of your hiring process and really gain a greater insight into prospective candidates our pre employment medical assessment is just one of the many ways that our team can add value. We invite you to get in touch with us today.

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