Manual Handling Training Course in the Sydney

All our manual handling training sessions are carried out by qualified health professionals such as Physiotherapists, Osteopaths, Exercise physiologists or Occupational Therapists.

Manual Handling Training by Sydney’s Professionals

Any business owner that looks to the marketplace for professional advice will inevitably be faced with prospective “gurus” that claim to have insights that will change things for the better in a series of easy steps. However, what is much more important is that you can find experienced practitioners that appreciate the many challenges of business and where you are coming from in terms of making work life better for your staff.

At Corporate Work Health Australia, our manual handling training delivers Sydney an unrivalled service that is designed and implemented by business owners that simultaneously possess extensive experience in the health care industry. This unique combination makes us the ideal choice since we know exactly what it takes to run a business properly and to implement actionable solutions that will reduce the number of minor complaints, which could progress into claims.

Our goal is to generate real savings for your business, reduce the number of injuries experienced, improve recovery times, help promote healthier bodies, and in turn, increase productivity and improve morale through manual handling risk assessments and training. Whether you are a stand-alone business or a national operator that wishes to access training, rest assured that there are no better people to turn to for guidance.

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How to Control Sydney Manual Handling Risks

Musculoskeletal complaints are most commonly heard of in the office and manual handling work environments. The fact is that almost 70% of the time spent working in an office requires little physical activity and so, when it is necessary to engage muscles that have perhaps become tired and weak over time, this can increase the chances of an injury occurring.

At Corporate Work Health Australia, our tailor-designed manual handling course affords Sydney businesses the possibility of gaining an objective perspective on their work processes and procedures, so that they can be tweaked and improved for an overall healthier workplace.

There are many ways that you can adapt your workspaces to ensure that the risk of a manual handling accident happening is reduced. Given a little consideration, it may become evident that by simply adjusting a workstation it reduces the requirement to reach, stretch, twist and bend.

Think about how your employees carry out their daily tasks and ask them where the greatest burden or strain is felt. You may quickly gain an appreciation of just how taxing the act of lifting even a relatively light object is over the course of a day. Changing how things are moved, or modifying an object so that they are easier to hold can do wonders and these are relatively simple adjustments to make.

Here at Corporate Work Health Australia, we believe that in delivering effective manual handling training, this work serves companies best when it is monitored over time. Our team can work with you to deliver identifiable results and make further adjustments to maximise comfort and productivity.

Tailored Solutions Through Manual Handling Training

Our service is designed to deliver early intervention and help businesses manage musculoskeletal pain. Whether our know-how and insights are required for a single task or employee, or if you need a comprehensive overview of your processes, we encourage you to get in touch today to determine exactly what we can do for you.

The best manual handling training Sydney businesses can access is right here at Corporate Work Health Australia and we look forward to bringing our tailored solutions to your premises soon.

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