OHS Strategies and Consulting

Corporate Work Health Australia offers you a complete and varied portfolio of consultancy services further helping you to reduce the costs associated with work related injuries.

Reduce Workplace Injury and Boost Employee Productivity

OHS Consulting In The Workplace

Health and safety practices are maturing from a focus on reducing workers compensation costs to delivering viable workplace wellness programs that promote staff health and happiness. Employers who have achieved excellent safety records by minimising physical, chemical and ergonomic hazards and risk of injury have used this shift as a platform to expand into wellness and prevention initiatives.

We assist our clients in fulfilling their statutory obligations and offer customised solutions that really work for the ‘people on the ground’. All of our consultants are fully qualified practicing health professionals. Their extensive knowledge of anatomy and the body’s response to work related stress creates an invaluable source of advice for injury prevention, management and rehabilitation as well as improving your company’s all round efficiency. Our OHS Consulting process is an effective way of identifying risks and developing controls in the workplace. It encourages a cooperative approach to Health and Safety while recognising the decision making role of the employer.

A study conducted with almost 30,000 employees in 15 countries showed that 64% of employees who perceive the organisation for which they work as an active promoter of health and wellness intend to stay at least five years with their companies (World Economic Forum, 2010c).


OHS Services

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Work Inspections

Our consultants provide work inspections, looking carefully at tasks being performed and noting work postures. Years of clinical experience allows us to pick up on clues that may signal problems. Workers often improvise change to their workplace when they are having problems.

One-to-One OHS Consulting

Do you have a group of employees who would benefit from focused one-on-one advice on their musculoskeletal health? One of our health practitioners can review their work area and offer personal consultations with your employees focusing on advice and guidance on improving all aspects of their musculoskeletal health.

Manual Handling Risk Assessment – OHS Consulting

Our specialised musculoskeletal consultants have extensive knowledge in all manual handling environments, ranging from office based manual handling tasks to heavy industry.  Their understanding of the human body and how injuries occur within the manual handling environment means that they can work with you to reduce work related manual handling injuries within your work environment.

Ergonomic Risk Assessment – OHS Consulting

The office environment is an area where many individuals suffer from a variety of musculoskeletal strains and sprains, ranging from neck, back to work related upper limb disorders.  Our musculoskeletal consultants will provide on site assessment of the employee’s workstation and provide cost effective solutions to reduce the risk of injury.  Employees will be given advice on workstation postures and how to reduce and prevent the risk of strains and sprains.

Corporate Seminars – OHS Consulting

Corporate Work Health Australia provides a number of onsite seminars for office based and manual handling companies.  If you have any specific requirements relating to musculoskeletal health and safety, then we can tailor a talk to your needs. For further information on our list of corporate seminars, please contact Corporate Work Health Australia.

We can customise any of our programs to suit your requirements

Our OHS Assessments

Ergonomic and Manual Task Hazard identification


Key areas reviewed:

  • Office environment i.e. whole office or individual workstation
  • Storage and manual handling environments i.e. office storage room, warehouse storage, assembly lines

What’s involved:

  1. Review the worksite to identify ergonomic and manual task hazards
  2. Consult key stakeholders i.e. OHS reps, managers and workers to understand challenging work areas or tasks
  3. Review injury history and mechanisms to identify hazardous tasks and body regions impacted
  4. Undertake a hazard 


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Office Workstation Risk Assessments & Education


Key areas reviewed:

  • Whole office or individual workstation

What’s involved:

  1. Consult key stakeholders with regards to work areas that require reviewing
  2. Identify hazards and determine risk associated with whole office ergonomics or individual workstation
  3. Assess hazards and risks
  4. Report on hazards and risks and control measures to eliminate or minimise exposure according to the risk control hierarchy


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Manual Handling Risk Assessments


Key areas reviewed:

  • Review job tasks or specific manual tasks to identify hazards and risks

What’s involved:

  1. Review of injury statistics, body regions impacted and mechanism
  2. Consultation with key stakeholders regarding tasks to be reviewed
  3. Assess hazards and risks associated with the task for a group of workers or one worker
  4. Report on hazards, risks and control measures


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OHS Consultation Benefits For Companies

  • Address your ergonomic and manual handling hazards and risks in the workplace with one of Australia’s leading occupational health provider

  • We have years of experience in the occupational health setting and a deep understanding of how to assist businesses across a variety of industries that will streamline risk management and implementation of control measures where ergonomic and manual tasks hazards and risks exist.

  • We offer ongoing support and management or can address one off related issues or concerns

OHS Consultation Benefits For Employees

  • We consult employees to gain an understanding of their job and work challenges to understand where their hazards and risks exist

  • Our consultants are all allied health professionals (physiotherapists, osteopaths, occupational therapists and exercises physiologists) who have extensive occupational health experience that will enable us to offer individualised solutions for those with musculoskeletal concerns

  • Employees will benefit from improved health and safety in the workplace as well as improve comfort and productivity


I regularly engage CWH for ergonomic consultations in for our team in Sydney. We’ve been very happy with the quality of service and the detailed reports and recommendations.

Tiffany Bromwich


This is the 2nd time we have used CWHA for an ergonomic assessment. Fleur from CWHA has been pleasant and responsive making her really good to deal with, and the consultant who came on site in Canberra (Adnan) was great. Recommended by me.

Colin Imms


Awesome Manual Handling Training session conducted at our workshop!  The training was customised to suit our business and contained a good mix of theory/practical elements.  Highly recommended.  Thanks again.

Justine Knight

Emery Engineering

Reps of Corporate Work Health are great at customer service and their responses are prompt and quick. Very accommodating to clients needs and always going above and beyond to find a solution for me and to find a date and time of consultation. Highly recommend them to use for your Ergonomic work health assessments including work from home assessments.

Komal Upadhyaya

MND Australia


1. Enquiry

Call, email or complete a form. Let us know what you want to achieve or the problems you are having.

2. Consultation

Phone, video call or face to face. We will discuss your needs, make some suggestions and provide a quote.

3. Assessment

Your assessment and/or training package is 100% tailor made to suit your needs, budget and service requirements.

4. Training

Onsite, online or both. Your personalised package is delivered by health professionals with extensive clinical and teaching experience.

5. Results

We have helped thousands of people at some of Australia’s top companies. Our team will work with you every step of the way to ensure you achieve the right results for your company and for your workers.

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