COVID – 19 Home office services

5 Reasons Why You Should Book One of Our Work From Home Training or Assessment Sessions, or a Company Package

  1. Educate yourself or your team on home office ergonomics best practice and how to optimise a home workstation set up
  2. Prevent injuries whilst working at home
  3. Ensure you or your team who have pre-existing musculoskeletal complaints or specific needs are set up correctly to avoid aggravation of those complaints
  4. Ensure the home is appropriate to complete work from i.e. identify other hazards and risks away from the home office workstation that could cause injuries
  5. The workplace has a duty of care to ensure a safe work environment and that you have the appropriate work tools and training.  The home environment now must be considered as the workplace.

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COVID-19 Home Office Workstation

With the outbreak of COVID-19, more people than ever are working from home. Just because an employee is no longer in the office, their health and well-being are still vitally important.

Whether you are a company and you are looking for a working from home workstation assessment or you are an individual, we can provide you with the knowledge about how to work safely from home.

Why are Home Office Ergonomics So Important?

Both at home and in the office, strong ergonomics can make all the difference in preventing musculoskeletal disorders that can be painful and have long-term effects. At Corporate Work Health Australia, we can educate you about how to create an ergonomic home office setup to protect your health.

For companies who have employees who already have musculoskeletal complaints or injuries from the workplace, our home office workstation assessments will make sure that those workers have their desk and chair set up correctly to ensure that these complaints are not aggravated in any way.

A home office ergonomic assessment also makes sure that your employees have what is necessary to complete their work safely at home. We aim to reduce injuries in the workplace, and we take a comprehensive approach to provide the best level of care for you and your staff.

When staff work safely at home, they are more productive in their work. What’s more, should one of your employees suffer an injury as a result of a poorly set up workstation, they may then be off work, which can, in turn, cost your company a lot of money.

With our assessments, we ensure that you and your employees know how to work with good posture, at a comfortable height with no awkward reaching, and with less motion. By taking an active step to ensure the health of your workers within their homes, it sends the message that you are a company who cares, and they are more likely to work harder for you.

Why are We the Company to Complete Your Home Workstation Assessments?

If you or your employees have a home office workstation, having an ergonomic setup puts you in the best stead for your health. The team at Corporate Work Health Australia have wide knowledge and experience when it comes to health and well-being in the workplace. As our team is made up of physiotherapists, osteopaths, and other healthcare professionals, you can be sure that your health is in the best hands.

Our services are all tailored to your circumstances. Our video assessments can be done at a basic, standard, or detailed level. We can also do group sessions where members of your team can use Skype or Zoom to complete their assessments. This means that they are kept safe from the threat of coronavirus, and all assessments are done from within their home.

Make sure your team members are safe with our home assessments. Contact us today for a free quote and a bespoke package.

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