Manual Handling Training Course in Adelaide

All our manual handling training sessions are carried out by qualified health professionals such as Physiotherapists, Osteopaths, Exercise physiologists or Occupational Therapists.

Manual Handling Training Experts in Adelaide

Ergonomic furniture is almost ubiquitous these days. Employers must go to greater lengths to ensure that they are providing a safe and healthy workplace for their employees and for many this furniture is their way of ticking that box. However, while having a supportive chair is great, unless the practices and processes that go hand-in-hand with your employees’ daily activities have been assessed that fancy furniture may only go so far.

When it comes to manual handling training, Adelaide’s expert team are right here at Corporate Work Health Australia. Our training sessions are second to none and are delivered by health professionals with the qualifications you should expect when addressing workplace practices that affect the wellbeing of your employees.

Our team is comprised of osteopaths, physiotherapists, nutritionists, remedial massage therapists, personal trainers, naturopaths as well as Yoga and Pilates instructors, we also run office ergonomics training courses to improve the work health of your office.

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How to Assess Manual Handling Risks in Adelaide

We appreciate that there are many people out there who may not quite have made the leap toward the need for a professional manual handling course. We encourage Adelaide business-owners and those responsible for employee welfare are encouraged to consider the potential risks that exist in their business today.

The best way to get a true sense of how your company fares in terms of its provision of a safe place for the employees to work is to speak directly with them. They will quickly point out any areas that require improvement, or elements in their practices and processes that are currently necessary but regularly slow them down or bring about an injury.

Furthermore, here at Corporate Work Health Australia, we understand just how much can be learned just by walking the floor of a business. Workplace or workstation layout may force your workers to stretch, bend, reach or twist throughout the day. If you have yet to invest in ergonomic furniture, then you may discover that your staff slouches in their chairs or are hunched over their workstations.

It’s also worth keeping an eye on what is moved in the workplace, who moves it, how far it must travel manually and whether the weight is appropriate for manual handling. You might discover that some employees who have little or no experience are performing tasks that are beyond their skill level or that they are inappropriately attired, and potentially at risk.

Finally, if a staff member has returned after recuperating from an injury, have you taken measures that accommodate their new needs? If not, are they now at greater risk of complicating the issue? We provide training that answers all the appropriate questions in our Manual Handling Risk Assessment.

Manual Handling Training Helps Create a Better Future

Once issues are made apparent, we quickly realize just how many factors escape our attention every day. As such, here at Corporate Work Health Australia, we believe in taking proactive steps toward a safer environment and preventing accidents and injury, instead of reacting after something has happened.

We don’t just roll out the same training methods everywhere we go, but instead, design and plan our methods to suit your specific industry. Our manual handling training gives Adelaide business the means to create a better future.

All in all, this is the health check your organization needs to realize its potential. Call today to book an appointment.

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