Free OHS And WHS Videos

Educate yourself or your team members using our short videos

We offer a range of free videos on workstation ergonomics, vehicle ergonomics, manual handling techniques, office stretches and exercises.

If you would like customised instructional videos for your workforce please call to discuss your requirements.

Manual Handling Videos

Free Manual Handling Videos
> Manual handling lifting, carrying, pushing and pulling

> Lifting from the floor, bench to bench and overhead

> Reaching, overhead work and carrying variations

> Manual handling in and out of vehicles

> Loading and push and pull trolley

Do You Want Customised Training Or Educational Videos Created For Your Company?

We have extensive experience producing instructional videos that can have a real impact on your workers and your profitability. Call us to discuss your requirements.

Ergonomics Videos

free workstation ergonomics videos

> Ergonomic desk, computer, mouse, keyboard setup

> Workstation, workplace, workspace ergonomics

> Computer chair ergonomic setup / adjustment

> Home office workstation ergonomic setup

> How to adjust a sit stand desk

Online Training and Assessments

Have you considered learning online? We offer standard online training and assessments or we can design courses to meet your specific requirements, so workers can complete tasks quickly and easily or learn at their own pace

Vehicle Videos

Free Vehicle Ergonomics Videos

> Working on a laptop or tablet in a vehicle

> Adjusting your car seat ergonomically

> Loading and unloading a vehicle

> Vehicle seat ergonomic setup

> Carrying heavy items

Free Ergonomic, Manual Handling and OHS Posters

Posters and handouts have been designed according to best practice principles. Put them up in the workplace or on your company intranet for workers to view as part of your OHS strategy.

Exercises And Stretching Videos

Free Office Stretches And Exercises Videos
> Office stretches for neck, spine and trunk

> Back and upper limbs office stretches

> Hips and lower body office stretch

> Home office stretching

> Office exercises

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