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Ergonomic training and assessments are delivered by Osteopaths, Physiotherapists and Exercise Physiologists who have many years assessment, teaching and OHS instructor experience Gold Coast.

> We have delivered over 10,709 ergonomic assessments and training sessions

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> Training for office, workstation, transport, freight, warehousing, engineering and more

> 100% customised assessments and training can be completed face to face, online or both

> After the session you will receive a full report, valuable recommendations and ongoing support

Cost Effective Ergonomic Assessments Gold Coast To Reduce Injuries and Compensation Claims

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Gold Coast Ergonomic Assessment Delivered In The Office, At Your Home And Online

You and those that you hire to work for you likely spent a lot of time in school or college or university gaining the knowledge that brings the opportunity to work in the industry you currently occupy.

While your education was specific to the theory and practical elements of what it takes to become successful or a valued worker, it is highly unlikely that you were taught best practices in terms of how to physically carry out your work so that your health and wellbeing is not detrimentally affected.

Undergoing an ergonomic assessment Gold Coast in your workplace can help identify areas of improvement which will then improve the health of your employees, reduce workplace injuries in the future and improve your overall business productivity and performance in the long term.

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Why Ergonomic Assessments Are Absolutely Worth The Investment for Your Business and Employees in Gold Coast

Without the proper ergonomic workplace environments in place, office employees – especially those who work long hours sitting at a desk – are highly prone to suffering from body aches, pains, strains, and even injury.

As a result, with more of your employees experiencing poor health and wellbeing, they’re more than likely to

  • Take more sick days or days off work – reducing the productivity of your workforce
  • Require your business to take up more expensive insurance premiums – to cover for more work-related office injuries
  • Experience a lower level of motivation – which can result in poorer job performance, lower quality of work, and reduced business performance.

Investing in ergonomics training and assessments in your Gold Coast business shows to your employees that you are prioritising their health and wellbeing. In turn, this is highly likely to lead to stronger workplace satisfaction experienced by your employees, as well as an improved sense of motivation for better job performance.

Carrying out an office ergonomics training course is the smart, logical, and worthy solution to keeping your workplace staff happy, as well as improving business performance for the future.

For more information about our ergonomic workstation assessments in Gold Coast, call or message our team at Corporate Work Health today.

Checklist of What You Can Expect in Our Ergonomic Assessments in Gold Coast

With every one of our business workplace ergonomic assessments in the Gold Coast area, we deliver customised onsite consultations to suit your company’s needs, values and systems. We tailor effective ways in reducing your staff’s body strains, and sprains, and aim to improve your workers’ health and wellbeing.

Here’s a preview of what you can expect our ergonomic assessments to look like in your Gold Coast workplace:

  • Small educational training sessions on posture
  • Educational workshops to teach workers how to set up proper work stations
  • Ergonomic workstation assessments – ranging from 15 minute preventative assessments to 50 minute specialised injury management or return to work assessments 
  • Train the Trainer Workshops – involving training key staff on how to help set up other staff member work stations at their desk, and/or complete basic computer ergonomic workstation assessments 
  • Home office ergonomic assessments
  • Vehicle ergonomic assessments

We also provide combined training sessions in ergonomics, manual handling and vehicle ergonomics.

Who Are Our Ergonomic Assessment Instructors?

At Corporate Work Health Australia, our ergonomic assessments are carried out by highly experienced and qualified health professionals. Our team are registered members of the AHPRA, as well as members of the Safety Institute of Australia and the Human Factors and Ergonomics Society of Australia.

We pride ourselves in understanding people, the modern workplace and the many challenges people are facing on a daily basis.

No matter what type of workplace business office environment you and your staff are working in, our team at Corporate Work Health Australia will be sure to provide tailored, customised and extremely useful strategies to help improve and enhance the wellbeing of your workforce.

To learn more about how our ergonomic assessment instructors and professionals can help your team, simply get in touch with us today.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

How Does An Online Ergonomic Assessment Work?

Our online ergonomic assessments ​in Gold Coast are simple to set up, whether it be one individual or 100s of team members. Workers are supplied a booking link where they can book themselves in on a day and time that suits them. Workers then complete an online self assessment via a link sent to them from their booking confirmation email. Finally a video call is completed with a health professional with each team member where the final assessment and recommendations are completed. Assessments are available for both home workstations and the office.

What Is The Best Face To Face Ergonomic Assessment For An Injured Worker?

To ensure that we cover all of the injured worker’s and company’s needs we recommend our Level 3b ‘speciliased’ individual ergonomic assessment. This assessment allows up to 60minutes with the injured worker, as well as 60 to 75 minutes of report writing on assessment findings, advice given, and recommendations including equipment recommendations.

What Is The Most Popular Type of Work From Home Assessment?

Our ‘Standard’ Teleconference Home Office Workstation Risk Assessment in Gold Coast is the most common solution companies complete with their team members working from home. This is completed with both an online self assessment form, as well as a 20minute online video call with a health professional.

What Is Involved In Ergonomics The Train The Assessor Course in Gold Coast?

Our ergonomics train the assessor courses in Gold Coast involves our health professional training your key stakeholders i.e. OHS rep, managers, HR etc. to complete basic ergonomic workstation assessments internally within the business via interactive workshops. Courses are limited to 6 team members to ensure good learning outcomes.

How do CWHA ergonomic assessments in Gold Coast compare in price?

Corporate Work Health Australia offers a range of pricing options to cater to all budgets and needs in Gold Coast. Assess your team with brief desk checks (10min) from as little as $25 – $40 per worker. We aim to individualise all ergonomic training and assessment services to meet our clients needs and ensure a good outcome. We offer discounts for bulk training and assessment bookings.

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