Save Time, Money & Hire The Right Candidate The First Time Round By Undertaking A Pre-Employment Medical Assessment


Pre-employment Medical Assessments in Brisbane

Risk is something that all businesses try or should try to reduce as much as possible. While the obvious risks inherent to the work carried out in each place of business are likely easily identifiable, others are less noticeable until a problem arises as a result of them.

With the right team in place and with procedures and processes determining the correct way to work, businesses can keep things under control to a certain degree. However, there are many unseen risks that can be identified through a pre employment medical.

Brisbane companies are encouraged to seek the counsel of the team here at Corporate Work Health Australia when they are in the process of locking down new hires. We are business owners who have a specific focus on health and so we appreciate exactly what it takes to make things run smoothly as well as understanding that some people just are not right for the job, despite their qualifications.

Is it Worth Undertaking A Pre-Employment Medical Assessment?

At Corporate Work Health Australia, we believe that our pre employment medical examination caters to Brisbane’s workforce and contributes to a greater degree of productivity in each of the companies that we work with and for.

The benefit to the person who potentially is found to not have the appropriate physical requirements to complete the job is that they do not face working in an environment where they will be overwhelmed by the workload and become stressed. If we are not able to focus and remain calm while completing our work, then the likelihood is that mistakes will be made.

As such, employers with the foresight to conduct a pre employment medical assessment benefit by hiring only those that meet the necessary requirements of the job, and time is not lost through injury or costs are not increased as a result of a new worker being injured and potentially negatively impacting on the wellbeing of others.

This service also allows employers to keep a record of pre-employment capacity, which is a positive move to make to safeguard you in the future. There’s no question that false claims are made every year in Australia and where “injury in the workplace” or as a result of the nature of the work is entered it is important to have a reference document that speaks to the health and capabilities of the claimant at the point they commenced work.

Future Proof Your Hire With A Employment Medical Examination

A clean bill of health is what every employer should hope to gain from engaging our services and putting their prospective new hires through a pre employment medical. Brisbane business owners need to ensure that they take as many preventative measures in the workplace to prevent accidents from happening. But, in taking additional factors into account before ever hiring your workers, this affords you peace of mind and gives you a dependable report that you can turn to should you need to in future.

At Corporate Work Health Australia, we want to save you money, ensure that your staff meet your needs and that they can fully realise their potential and thrive in your work environment. So, for a comprehensive, tailored service, get a pre-employment functional assessment as well. Get in touch with us today and let’s work toward reducing risk in as many ways as possible.

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