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Manual Handling Training Course in Melbourne

Your workplace is a hub of activity that is in constant flow throughout the day, regardless of which industry you are a part of. Companies whose employees spend the bulk of their day behind a computer still have to get up and move about and those whose workers are much more physically engaged naturally are more prone to injury and accident. As such, it is essential for companies of all kinds to gain an appreciation of their workspaces and how best they can make them both healthy and safe.

At Corporate Work Health Australia, our Melbourne manual handling course helps businesses through the development and implementation of programs that are designed to improve the safety of their work environments. We differentiate our service from others in this field by expanding the modes by which we deliver the training and our team of qualified health professionals ensure that you are receiving the guidance and advice of those that fully understand how the human body is impacted by stress and strain.

Even if this is your first foray into this area and you are uncertain as to whether your employees stand to benefit from it, we encourage you to get in touch with us today. Every employer has a duty of care to those that he or she employs and, even with the best will in the world, an objective perspective on your business could help to eliminate an unidentified risk or threat to their safety.

How to identify Manual Handling Risks In Your Melbourne Office

Those that are taking proactive steps toward a better workplace should consider some of the basics to determine just how necessary it is to seek professional assistance in designing new and effective protocols and work practices.

The manual handling training we deliver in Melbourne is designed around the specific industries that engage our services and what we will look at are the risks that are already in place, and how best these can be addressed.

Think about the hazards that you have personally noted to date, whether they are related to a specific employee, work practice or a process that is out-dated. What risk level would you associate with this hazard? At Corporate Work Health Australia, we seek to consider this factor first and foremost before we determine an appropriate control measure, which we can then help you to implement and monitor.

A key source of information about where the problems lie in your organization is your records of injury and absenteeism. One area of the business may reveal itself as a high-risk area simply by checking where past accidents took place. What’s more, this also indicates a poor productivity area in your business, due to the turnover of staff, regular need for replacement employees and loss of work hours.

The greatest source of information that will help you determine whether you could truly benefit from manual handling training is your staff. They engage every day and know where the problems are, so we suggest having a word with them to see just how many improvements you could make.

Manual Handling Solutions for a Safer Melbourne Workplace

Even though our services are accessible in many cities, towns and regions, here at Corporate Work Health Australia, we believe in making our knowledge available as widely as possible. As such, we have developed online training courses so that those further afield can benefit from our expertise and learn at their own pace.

Those that wish to access the best manual handling training Melbourne has to offer are invited to get in touch with the team here at Corporate Work Health Australia today. We also run ergonomic assessments in Melbourne to better your employee’s work health. So, call and access modern solutions to a safer workplace today.

Manual Handling Training Helps Prevent Mental Strain

Those that think about the impact of an accident or injury in the workplace will usually visualise someone with their arm bandaged, in a sling or lying in a hospital bed. While the nature of the injury may not be quite so severe, any issue that limits the ability of a worker to earn and feel that sense of pride in their work can also have a detrimental effect on their mental health.

A Melbourne’s manual handling course is ideal for companies that wish to protect their employees from avoidable harm and injury. You must create a positive work environment for your entire workforce and part of this is equipping them with the knowledge they need to take preventative measures that will insulate them from any harm.

Depending on the kind of injury sustained from a manual handling accident, an employee could experience a lot of pain that carries on for many days, weeks or even longer. As such, this pressure on the mind and body can place them at risk of depression.

Unable to work, the time spent away from work can lead to isolation, not to mention the potential negative effect that prescription medication can have over time. Family suffer as a direct result, through a loss of earnings or even as a result of the psychological toll they must now deal with in addition to the physical affliction.

What Can Be Done to Reduce Injuries In Your Melbourne Business

Here at Corporate Work Health Australia, we believe in helping companies limit the possibility of any employee incurring an injury while at work. Our manual handling course in Melbourne affords businesses the chance to secure a tailor-designed approach to their specific workplace that has proven effective across a range of different industries and reduced the number of injuries, complaints progressing to claims and helped productivity to increase.

Education and appropriate training is the most effective way to help your workforce gain a greater awareness of workplace health and safety. Engaging your staff directly with training that comes from health professionals who deliver impartial advice is the ideal way to achieve what you want without having to directly push the corporate agenda.

The presence of an outside team allows your workers to participate without feeling that it is a box-ticking exercise designed to bring the company in line with health and safety regulations. However, what is most important is that your employees gain a better sense of the risk and how best to limit the chances of incurring an injury that could have a detrimental impact on their ability to work.

Training Tailored to Your Melbourne Workforce

In Australia alone, the cost of manual handling injuries costs businesses approximately twenty-eight billion dollars every year. While older members of the workforce are most at risk of serious injury, having a young group of employees does not insulate your business from the possibility of accidents happening. However, carrying out a pre employment medical assessment in Melbourne will ensure you are getting the right candidate on board for the job.

With added manual training that is tailored to the work that they do every day, this reduces risk and promotes a much more positive workplace. We can carry out a manual handling risk assessment prior to see what kind of manual handling training you might need specific to your workplace.

Manual handling training in Melbourne from a team that are members of Safety Institute of Australia, Human Factors & Ergonomics Society of Australia is the best way to ensure that your workers get the best possible advice and learn best practices that will afford them a better quality of life at work.

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