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Ergonomic Assessment in Melbourne

It is easy to look at the success of major companies and brands and put it down to the product they make or the service that they deliver. However, while the nature of their work is instrumental in driving profitability, without a staff that is comfortable and happy while they carry out their duties, none of this would be possible. Ergonomics is the key to reducing risk and increasing safety in the workplace, and those who promote a positive approach to wellbeing, health and safety stand to reap the rewards of a much more motivated workforce.

An ergonomic office assessment Melbourne trust in to deliver exceptional results and achieve set goals can be found here at Corporate Work Health Australia. Our team of business owners and health professionals deliver tailor-made solutions for each of the businesses that we work with.

Given that our team is comprised exclusively of registered members of the AHPRA, as well as members of the Safety Institute of Australia and the Human Factors and Ergonomics Society of Australia, you can count on unrivalled expertise and knowledge when you engage our ergonomics training. What’s more, you also gain the benefit of an impartial person that can effectively communicate to the company and employees alike, in terms that are understandable.

Why Ergonomics Assessments Are Worth Investing In Your Melbourne Business

Many people that consider an ergonomic assessment for their Melbourne business may have doubts with regards to the need or whether it is worth the time and cost. At Corporate Work Health Australia, we understand that every dollar counts but if your staff is engaged in practices and procedures that negatively impact upon them, then the money you spend correcting this can result in a substantial return.

What we seek to do is improve the workplace environment so that each employee or specific groups that you have identified are in need of better methods of working, can minimize the stress their bodies experience throughout the day. Good posture is the first step toward reducing physical exertion on the body and this alone will enable them to perform tasks with a greater degree of focus. As such, the quality of their work can be expected to improve.

In the wake of ergonomic assessment training, your Melbourne office can take measures to create a much healthier workspace. Effective implementation can reduce sick days as well as limit the number of injuries in the calendar year, all of which helps productivity and cuts the costs associated with absenteeism as well as claims against the company.

Workers appreciate where their employers take an interest in their wellbeing. Taking positive steps to limit the damage to their bodies can create a culture within your organization centered around safety and good practices. We also run manual handling training courses in Melbourne to ensure employees understand the proper methods of handling manual tasks. The cumulative effect this can have is that it filters down to new hires and fosters a sustainable system of better work methods that everybody benefits from.

Reap the Rewards Ergonomic Assessments Brings

Your employees are your greatest and most valuable assets and we care about workplace health & safety. At Corporate Work Health Australia, we want to help you harness their potential and do so through the creation of tailored programs that are designed to enable you to create a work environment that promotes good morale and naturally leads to increased productivity. Before you even bring on an employee we can already assess their capacity to work through a pre employment medical in Melbourne to ensure that your employees are already off to a good start and your existing workforce will be able to rely on this new employee to carry out their required tasks.

To gain the insights of our highly-experienced health professionals, book an ergonomic office assessment for your Melbourne site today and plan to reap the rewards of a safer, healthier workforce. We also carry our our ergonomic in all major cities around Australia such as Brisbane and Perth.

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