Save Time, Money & Hire The Right Candidate The First Time Round By Undertaking A Pre-Employment Medical Assessment

In business, it is important to consult an external service when making some decisions. Naturally, as the person heading up your recruitment process, you most likely have a wealth of experience and expertise that gives you a certain degree of confidence in your ability to choose a good candidate. However, by seeking a pre employment medical, Melbourne employers gain the opportunity to see behind the qualifications and experience and determine whether the candidate is actually capable of comfortably and safely do the work.

At Corporate Work Health Australia, our tailored services are designed to deliver a thorough assessment based on whichever role you hope to fill within your company. We are motivated by the possibility of reducing and eliminating the number of injuries sustained in the workplace, and so, while you are retaining our services to help you choose the perfect candidate, we focus our approach so that it benefits both you and the person we test.

We appreciate that the duty of care to provide a safe work environment lies with you, the employer, and so we want you to be able to access the best tools that will give you a much deeper level of insight. This also gives you peace of mind that the person you hire will pose an as small risk to your existing workforce as possible, and with the right training and support has the capacity to thrive in your organization.

Physical assessment

Pre-employment Medical Assessments in Melbourne

While pre-employment medical assessments traditionally give Melbourne employers a standardised overview of the fitness and wellbeing of a person, here at Corporate Work Health Australia, we endeavour to create a test based around the job that you hope to fill.

Our service has gained increased recognition throughout Australia due to the important part that it plays in stemming the likelihood of injury and preventing accidents from happening in the workplace. The knock-on effect is that employers face fewer injury-related claims and therefore can expect to see their premiums reduced.

A medical assessment will determine the health of those that you are considering hiring. What’s more, it can reveal evidence of past injuries that may not have been completely healed and, therefore, which increase the chances of that same complaint recurring again.

The time saved by employers is one of the main benefits that they gain from completing pre-employment medicals. Time is lost when an employee becomes unwell, or unfit to work, productivity drops and additional time may be required to find a suitable replacement. Furthermore, if your injured employee returns then you will have to engage in the recuperation process and potentially adapt their work station and work methods to suit their new capabilities.

Where the person injured was never a truly suitable candidate this will feel like a mistake that could have been avoided, and something that would have been revealed by our medical assessment. A pre employment functional assessment can also be a very good tool to measure a candidates suitability for the role.
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Medical Assessments for a Healthy Workforce

All employers have a duty of care to their employees and good employers take that very seriously. As a result, they are concerned about each person’s health, safety and general well-being.

The best way to ensure your workforce remains healthy is to conduct pre-employment medical assessments in Melbourne before people start to work for your company and then repeat the assessments if they change roles or periodically to check that good standards of health are maintained. In this way, you can be sure each worker is fit to do their job and so the company will benefit as well as the employees.

Fit to do the Job

In addition to conducting medical assessments for the benefit of employees and the business, you may be required to provide them for certain industries where this is a legal necessity — railways and mining, for example. Each is designed to determine if a person is fit to do a particular job and will typically include a review of medical history, BMI assessment, hearing and vision tests, urine tests for kidney, bladder and diabetic disorders and examination of the musculoskeletal and nervous systems as well as checks for other abnormalities. The musculoskeletal examination determines a person’s range of movement, lifting and weight bearing ability as well as their overall physical capability.

The outcome will be a report that, in most cases, will declare the person fit to carry out the specific role. However, previous injuries or existing medical conditions may mean someone will fail to meet the expected standard. Although this may mean that a candidate cannot fulfil the planned role properly without the risk of injury, this does not mean that they will simply be turned down for the post.

Any failure to meet the standard may mean that the candidate requires some rehabilitation before they can start or that some adjustment to the role or working practices is necessary. Alternatively, another role that is more suitable for the person’s ability may be considered.

Positive Outcomes from a Pre-employment Medical in Melbourne

Our aim at Corporate Work Health is to help you have a healthy workforce that you employ in the most effective way. For this to happen, you need to have a well thought out plan regarding what you will do depending on the result of the assessment.

A positive result will mean you can employ the person as planned although, if better than anticipated, a more demanding role may be considered. A failure, however, will require some corrective action to be taken to ensure each person is assigned a role that they can carry out effectively and without harm.

People who are proven fit to work will integrate better into the company and be more valuable and productive workers. Additionally, you’ll avoid the problems that can arise from injuries at work, which may result from employees not being able to cope with the demands of a job. The outcome overall is a healthier and happier workforce that feels valued by the company and so contributes more to its success.

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Build Toward a Risk-Free Future

It is very rare that a workplace never experiences an accident or that somebody is injured. That’s just life and while mistakes do and will happen, your exposure to the consequences of them can be limited when you take preventative steps toward creating a safe environment populated by competent employees.

At Corporate Work Health Australia, you can depend on the pre-employment medical assessments we facilitate in Melbourne for an objective, thorough and clear overview of each candidate you have shortlisted. With our team working alongside you, together we can build a better, safer and risk-free future.

What You Gain From Pre Employment Medicals

Many companies all around the world state that a medical assessment is part of their hiring process, but it is evident that while this is stated in print, for some employers this step is overlooked once they find a candidate that they believe in. The problem with this attitude is that it comes from the same behaviour in the past, which may have paid off. However, just because things worked out once does not mean that they will always play out the same way in the future.

A pre employment medical is essential for Melbourne companies that hope to keep their recruitment costs to a minimum and gain a workforce that can meet the demands of their industry. Those that are most at risk in any workplace are usually new hires. Why, because they have less knowledge of the workplace and, therefore, are more prone to injury and accident than workers who have been there for some time.

As such, without a proper medical assessment, it is impossible to know whether a new employee can stand up to the environment that they will be exposed to every single day. Telling information often comes to light as a result of the test that we undertake for our clients here at Corporate Work Health Australia. A previous injury might indicate a level of risk that complicates matters and can equip the person responsible for hiring to either take corrective action or choose an alternative.

Happy healthy workers

Your Responsibility to the Melbourne Workforce

Every business owner starts out in the hope of succeeding. For most businesses, it takes a team to undertake and execute the workload that builds over time and so there is a duty of care to this workforce that must be respected. The onus is on the employer to reduce safety risks in the workplace. While it may not be considered a risk in the workplace compared to hazardous materials, hiring an unqualified, or unfit worker is equally as risky to all others that they will work alongside.

The pre employment medical is crucial for Melbourne recruiters because it affords those with a responsibility to all other staff a sense of confidence in the team that is ultimately assembled. Throughout the process, different tests are created and engaged which seek to identify how candidates will cope and whether they are capable of completing tasks that they will encounter in the workplace.

At Corporate Work Health Australia, we believe in tailoring our methods to the industry that you occupy. We appreciate that despite a strong C.V. and work history, a medical assessment is the ultimate means of determining whether your prospective new hire is suitable for the challenges that they will face.

Regardless of whether your gut instinct tells you to hire a candidate or not, your duty to them as well as to your team is to only take them on if they meet the criteria set out in the assessment. Otherwise, you could put them or others in harm’s way.

Find The Right Person for the Job Through Using A Pre Employment Medical

Companies that make it clear to their staff that they are hiring and thoroughly assessing candidates for the job gain the respect of their workforce. They appreciate that their efforts are acknowledged and that efforts are being made to further improve their efficiency standards, as well as find the right person for the role.

Investing in a pre employment medical in Melbourne gives you peace of mind when you send a contract to a new hire. It covers you in the event of future accidents, should they occur, and it is a good way to create a culture that is built around competencies and that fosters trust.

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