Pre-employment Medical Assessments Melbourne

Medical Assessments In Melbourne

In business, it is important to consult an external service when making some decisions. Naturally, as the person heading up your recruitment process, you most likely have a wealth of experience and expertise that gives you a certain degree of confidence in your ability to choose a good candidate. However, by seeking a pre employment medical, Melbourne employers gain the opportunity to see behind the qualifications and experience and determine whether the candidate is actually capable of comfortably and safely do the work.

At Corporate Work Health Australia, our tailored services are designed to deliver a thorough assessment based on whichever role you hope to fill within your company. We are motivated by the possibility of reducing and eliminating the number of injuries sustained in the workplace, and so, while you are retaining our services to help you choose the perfect candidate, we focus our approach so that it benefits both you and the person we test.

We appreciate that the duty of care to provide a safe work environment lies with you, the employer, and so we want you to be able to access the best tools that will give you a much deeper level of insight. This also gives you peace of mind that the person you hire will pose an as small risk to your existing workforce as possible, and with the right training and support has the capacity to thrive in your organization.

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How Melbourne Companies Lose Out by Not Completing Medical Assessments 

While pre-employment medical assessments traditionally give Melbourne employers a standardised overview of the fitness and wellbeing of a person, here at Corporate Work Health Australia, we endeavour to create a test based around the job that you hope to fill.

Our service has gained increased recognition throughout Australia due to the important part that it plays in stemming the likelihood of injury and preventing accidents from happening in the workplace. The knock-on effect is that employers face fewer injury-related claims and therefore can expect to see their premiums reduced.

A medical assessment will determine the health of those that you are considering hiring. What’s more, it can reveal evidence of past injuries that may not have been completely healed and, therefore, which increase the chances of that same complaint recurring again.

The time saved by employers is one of the main benefits that they gain from completing pre-employment medicals. Time is lost when an employee becomes unwell, or unfit to work, productivity drops and additional time may be required to find a suitable replacement. Furthermore, if your injured employee returns then you will have to engage in the recuperation process and potentially adapt their work station and work methods to suit their new capabilities.

Where the person injured was never a truly suitable candidate this will feel like a mistake that could have been avoided, and something that would have been revealed by our medical assessment. A pre employment functional assessment can also be a very good tool to measure a candidates suitability for the role.

Build Toward a Risk-Free Future

It is very rare that a workplace never experiences an accident or that somebody is injured. That’s just life and while mistakes do and will happen, your exposure to the consequences of them can be limited when you take preventative steps toward creating a safe environment populated by competent employees.

At Corporate Work Health Australia, you can depend on the pre-employment medical assessments we facilitate in Melbourne for an objective, thorough and clear overview of each candidate you have shortlisted. With our team working alongside you, together we can build a better, safer and risk-free future.

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