Reduce Workplace Injury & Boost Your Employee’s Productivity Through An Ergonomic Assessment

Ergonomic Assessment in Sydney

Not all workstations or workplaces are the same. For some employees they sit in a cubicle, others complete their tasks at a machine while others spend their day in a car and more people work from their home. Regardless of which category you fit into, the importance of having a workstation that is ergonomically designed to support you and minimise the risk of injury cannot be understated.

Here at Corporate Work Health Australia, we carry out ergonomic assessment training in Sydney for those that believe that they could better their place of work. We are a team of business people and health professionals alike and we come equipped with a vast understanding of what can and will make your workstation the perfect place to maximise your productivity. Our mission is to create real savings, promote healthier bodies, improve morale, reduce injuries and boost recovery times.

Ergonomics may seem like something that only applies in traditional offices, but rest assured that no matter where you work it is always worth having a professional undertake a ergonomic assessment to determine whether any of your daily practices or processes are detrimental to your wellbeing.
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Ergonomic Assessment in Sydney

Most people that have been employed have, at some point, felt the odd niggle of pain due to the way they are standing, sitting, or lifting. Sometimes, it can be worse and may have led you to have acute pain that does not go away, and you may have been forced to take time off sick from work. With an ergonomic assessment in Sydney, you can minimise the risks associated with the workplace, ensuring the health and well-being of your staff.

With bespoke packages that take into account individual company circumstances, you can be sure that your well-being, and that of your staff, is in the best hands. With a team led by physiotherapist Wade Brennan and osteopath Heath Williams, the founders of Corporate Work Health Australia, we are experts in the field. We work with a team of certified members of the AHPRA to assess the risks of your workplace and bring you workable solutions.

Make Your Workspace Safe and Injury-free

A workplace ergonomic assessment in your Sydney company means that you can get an objective opinion that assesses the risks associated with your business. This could include how your staff sit, any stress that might be put on parts of their body, such as wrists, as well as whatever else makes your workplace unique. Any ergonomic areas of weakness, once identified, can then be addressed which leads to minimised risk from work-related injuries. 

A workplace with strong ergonomics is also a lot more productive. When you imagine being in pain throughout the day, it is not hard to see why your workers may be distracted and may not be performing at their optimum level. By getting your ergonomics sorted, you will see a greater return on your investment in many different ways.

When you ensure the good ergonomic health of your workers, they are also less likely to suffer from reoccurring injuries, and therefore fewer sick days will be taken.

At Corporate Work Health Australia, we are also keen to equip you with knowledge so that your company continues to be a place where the risk of injuries is minimised, and the well-being of staff is at the forefront. We can come to your place of work and provide ergonomic assessment training at your Sydney site. When you train your staff, there will be less of a need to bring in external consultants, saving you more money in the long run.

Get a Good Return on Your Investment

Your staff are incredibly valuable, and by investing in them now, you secure their current and future well-being. Along with this, you can look forward to having a committed workforce that knows how appreciated they are with an ergonomic assessment in Sydney. By creating the right workspace, staff turnover is less likely to be high, bringing significant savings relating to recruitment and staff training.

Contact Corporate Work Health today to find out more about how we can help your business and to get a quote to ensure you have the best ergonomics.

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Prevent Injuries in the Sydney Workforce With Ergonomic Assessments

Our ergonomic assessment service gives Sydney employers and employees the chance to have tailor-designed solutions created that will minimize the risk of injury. However, here at Corporate Work Health Australia, we have considerable experiencing working with companies that need to consider the requirements for a previously injured worker that is soon to return to work.

A nice, ergonomically designed chair may work well for the majority of your workforce, but someone that is recovering from an injury sustained in the workplace, or outside of it, may need more specialized equipment, or changes to how they go about their day. Failure to make adjustments and determine the comfort level of an employee in this position could lead to a re-aggravation of the injury and further loss of both time and money. We counteract this by taking employees through ergonomics training to educate them on the best way to work without injury.

Those who are responsible for their own wellbeing, that is, the self-employed that work from home, are encouraged to also consider just how appropriate their workstation is. If you are sitting on a soft sofa throughout the day, or like to sit in bed during the winter months, or if you are putting up with the unsupportive chair and struggling to find a position that doesn’t cause your arms to ache while you work at your laptop, then now is the time to do something to prevent injury.

The inability to earn is a terrible blow to anybody but a workplace ergonomic assessment at your Sydney place of business could make all the difference and help you to minimize sick days and maintain control over your productivity and business growth.

How Ergonomic Assessments Can Save Your Sydney Business Money In The Long Run

The fact of the matter is that something as seemingly insignificant as reaching behind a few times a day to retrieve documents from a printer could lead to a back, arm or neck injury. You as a self-employed person or your company loses a valued employee and their productivity as a result, and the injured party may face time off work that could impact on their overall health and earning potential. Undertaking office ergonomics training courses can help prevent your employees from getting injured.

So, for ergonomic assessment training that Sydney workers and employees can turn to in order to safeguard their health and wellbeing, and promote better workplace practices, get in touch with the team here at Corporate Work Health Australia today. We look forward to bringing our targeted solutions to your place of business. If your workplace also deals with moving objects manually, we also recommend businesses going through a manual handling course in Sydney to assess any potential injury scenarios and also ensure employee know the correct method in which to carry out their tasks.

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