Ergonomic And Manual Handling Assessors And Instructors

Over 1000 participants have successfully graduated from our courses and that number is growing exponentially each year.

Below is a list of healthcare professionals and assessors who have completed our training. Please reach out to them if you wish to engage their services.

Workplace Ergonomic And Risk Assessment Alumni

Michelle Collins (Physiotherapist) 

Ben McChesney (Osteopath) 

Tim McNamara (Osteopath) 

Brett Robinson (Exercise Physiologist) 

Abbas Din (Osteopath) 

Katie Seal (Osteopath) 

Max Belcher (Osteopath) 

Laura Boundy (Osteopath) 

Jana Sarantis (Osteopath) 

Elaine Stevenson (Myotherapist) 

Elle Fernon (Myotherapist) 

Giulian Di Venuto (Osteopath) 

Kieran Schultz (Osteopath) 

Ashleigh Magarry (Osteopath)

Vincent Cahill (Osteopath) 

Bridget Vinning (Osteopath) 

Christie Brennan (Osteopath) 

Paul Milne (Osteopath) 

Carly Grant (Exercise Physiologist) 

An Truong (Physiotherapist) 

Daryl Wee (Rehab Consultant) 

Kelly Mumford (Osteopath) 

Mia Rabjohn (Osteopath) 

Suzzanne Thurlow (Exercise Physiologist) 

Sean Certeza (Exercise Physiologist) 

Charlene Hanley (Exercise Physiologist) 

Nik Taneja (Physiotherapist) 

Anna Steinhaus (Osteopath) 

Lauren McGregor (Exercise Physiologist) 

Alex McGee (Exercise Physiologist) 

Catherine Spiteri (Osteopath) 

Gayan Amarawardena (Osteopath) 

Allison Burgess (Exercise Physiologist) 

Catherine Norris (Osteopath)

Emma Quayle (Myotherapist) 

Gemma Briggs (Myotherapist) 

Anita Nikolovski (Exercise Physiologist)

Cara Grey (Exercise Physiologist) 

Cecile Parain (Osteopath) 

Christian Paesano (Osteopath) 

Jonathan Emmanuel (Exercise Physiologist) 

Judith Bradford (Exercise Physiologist) 

Kathryn Ashcroft (Osteopath) 

Laura Haslem (Exercise Physiologist) 

Louise Greenaway (Osteopath) 

Elly Cooke (EP Rehab Consultant) 

Erin Hill (osteopath) 

Jack Morris (osteopath) 

Jennifer Lucas (osteopath) 

Samantha Slade (EP) 

Tyron Maroske (EP) 

Jana Brunier (Osteo) 

Rachel Taylor (EP) 

Matt Jeffers (Myotherapist) 

Caitlin Wright (EP) 

Benjamin Trautman (Chiropractor) 

Nadine Ellery (Osteopath) 

Michael Stuckings (EP) 

Meghan Barker (Myotherapy) 

Amrita Bassi (Myotherapy) 

Ainslie Bryce (Myotherapy) 

Elissa Cannatelli (Myotherapy) 

Steven Yew Lock Chia (Myotherapy) 

Melina Conte (Osteopath) 

Elizabeth Dulitsky (Myotherapy) 

Lauren Gay (Myotherapy) 

Andrew Gluyas (Myotherapy) 

Courtney Griffiths (Myotherapy)

Belinda Guthrie (Myotherapy) 

Roxanne Hayes (Myotherapy) 

Adam Kittelty Rebecca Lee (Myotherapy) Lynne Maxted (Myotherapy) 

Rachael Powers (Myotherapy) 

Emily Pryor (Myotherapy) 

Nick Steward (Myotherapy) 

Caroline Summers (Myotherapy) 

Peter Weir (Myotherapy) 

Ramsay WIlmot (Osteopath) 

Nicole Young (Myotherapy) 

Tina Nguyen (Occupational Therapist) 

Leah Madden (Osteopath) 

Alex Diagnostin 

Karelien Vermaak (Chiropractor) 

Harley Makin (Exercise Physiologist) 

Bianca Ognenoski   

Nicholas Tripodi (Osteopath)

Claire Nolle (Osteopath)

Chloe Harries (Osteopath)

Kendall Woodward (Osteopath)

Ilona Patzold (Osteopath)

Karen Shaw (Osteopath)

J’aime Barry (Osteopath)

Robert Amato (Osteopath)

Dom Briscomb (Osteopath)

Justin Huynh (Osteopath)

Kellie Rawlings (Osteopath)

Jed Pullen (Osteopath)

Peter Hoddle (Osteopath)

Nathaniel Dunne (Exercise Physiologist)

Warren Orsmond (Exercise Physiologist)

Daniel Hawkins (Osteopath)

Jarrod Black (Exercise Physiologist)

Amanda O’Conner (Exercise Physiologist)

Ainslee Gibbs (Osteopath)

David Kang (Physiotherapist)

George Asproukos (Osteopath)

Mark Deaves (Osteopath)

Vanessa Malone (Osteopath)

Shweta Bhatia (Exercise Physiologist)

Sarah Lewis (Massage Therapist & Naturopath)

Ray Lewis (Osteopath)9

Natalie Thoumine (Exercise Physiologist)

Mariem Ikladious (Osteopath)

Sam Perkins (Exercise Physiologist)

Lance Slade (OHS Consultant)

Durka Jegatheesan (Osteopath)

Julia Redfern (Osteopath)

David Gardner (Osteopath)

Hannah Linossi (Myotherapist)

James Martinus (Chiropractor)

Jesse Kingsbury (Myotherapist)

Josh Dawson (Osteopath)

Lauren Matthews (Osteopath)

Nick Cannon (Osteopath)

Mark Hogan (Osteopath)

Phil Austin (Osteopath)

Ralph Saab (Osteopath)

Rati Monique Howley (Osteopath)

Stuart Hammond (Osteopath)

Izabela Hammond (Osteopath)

Catherine Philip (Injury Management Coordinator)

Nilusha De Silva (EP)

Tsung Mak (EP)

Tim Millier (Osteopathy Student)

Nicole Woodruff (EP)

Nathan Sgherza (EP)

Annabel Eastham (Osteo)

Ashley Nguyen (EP)

William Manley (EP)

Jonathan Hoyle (EP)

Tanvi Chawla

Rebecca Davine (EP)

Artuor Samcam (EP)

Nancy McGregor (Osteopath)

Areti Penny Louzis (Osteopath)

Lisa Kiddle (Osteopath)

Tanya Pierotti (EP)

Danwin Salvador (EP)

Kris Sadio (EP)

Caitlan Connolley (EP)

Christina Watts (EP)

Megan Campbell (EP)

Anthony Ndaira (EP)

Rebecca Machalan (EP)

Ramesh Dabarera (EP)

Stephen Stone (EP)

Peter Rothwell (Exercise Science)

Jackson Clark (osteopath)

Jarrod Testa (osteopath)

Lachlan Buckley (osteopath)

Jasmine Frichitthavong (osteopath)

Alexandra Gray

Nathan Willits

Anna Greenwood

Kirra Solty

Jack McEllioglott

Sigrid WIlson

Amanda Jones

Jacqueline Roy

Karlye Williamson

Lachlan Cossens (osteopath)

Peter Baziotis (osteopath)

Sonia Romano (osteopath)

Rebecca Lewis (osteopath)

Alex Toohey

Dylan Garvin (osteopath)

Jessica Gallagher (osteopath)

Alisha Telford

Ronnie Yap (osteopath)

Hamish Fraser

Andrew Evans (Osteopath)

Andrew Hudson (Osteopath)

Chloe Pitcher (Osteopath)

Nick Efthimiou (Osteopath)

Rachel Taylor (Exercise Physiologist)

Rhyl Jenkins (Osteopath)

Rose Wray-McCann (Osteopath)

Shaun Coghlan (Osteopath)

Thomas Lerardo (Myotherapist)

Tracy Lucas (Rehab Consultant)

Ketan Patil

Brea Wright (Osteopath)

Brad Sluggett (Osteopath)

Stu Wrigtht (Myotherapist/RM)

Blair Kelly (Osteopath)

Danielle Azzato (Osteopath)

Christian Georgopolous (Osteopath Student)

Gabby Pinga

Natasha Roussei

Michelle Brown

Jenna Neivant

Melissa Farrington (Osteopath)

Anita Murray (Osteopath)

Louise Harvey (Myotherapist)

Jocelyn Fox (Myotherapist)

Lisa Goward

Lena Stocks-Ramsay (Osteopath)

Georgina Sayer (Osteopath)

Melissa Rice (Osteopath)

Sophie Zalkauskas (Osteopath)

Williams Stokes (Osteopath)

Anthony Murphy (Osteopath)

Katelyn Furphy (Osteopath)

Martin Keogh (Osteopath)

Felicity Marguin (Osteopath)

Suresh Deekonda (Exercise Physiologist)

Joyaa Antares (Osteopath)

Lydal Sharples (Osteopath)

Hayley Copping (Exercise Physiologist)

Louise Gainsford

Ana Stathopoulos (Exercise Physiologist)

Alyssa Deck (Exercise Physiologist)

Eddie Clark (Osteopath)

Katrina Ryan (Exercise Physiologist)

Melissa Denman (HSE Coordinator)

Jesse Ham (Exercise Science)

Callum Sutherlan (Exercise Science)

Amanda Cardillo (Myotherapist)

Teresa McNair (Myotherapist)

Kristen Tipping (Myotherapist)

Laura Steedman (Myotherapist)

Brian Kelly (Myotherapist)

Erin Mulder (Myotherapist)

Corrinne Brownsea (Myotherapist)

Anna Yerondais (Myotherapist)

cher Hetherington (Myotherapist)

Amanda Robinson (Myotherapist)

Patricia Fellows (Myotherapist)

Sarah Close (Myotherapist)

Monique LeBehen (Myotherapist)

Alissa Mifsud (Myotherapist)

Keiran Cusack (Massage Therapist)

Steve Collins (Physiotherapy Student)

Sarah Belcher (Physiotherapist)

Carrie Fletcher (Exercise physiotherapist)

John Macansh (Physiotherapist)

Ryan Craig (Physiotherapist)

Nicholas Munro (Exercise Physiologist)

Chantal Burness (Exercise Physiologist)

Seb Fontaine (osteopath)

Suzie Taylor (massage therapist)

Miranda Laidlaw (osteopath)

Nicole Taylor (exercise physiologist)

Tayla Atkinson (exercise physiologist)

We can design skills or assessor training that’s right for you

Vehicle Ergonomic And Risk Assessment Alumni

Jack Morris (osteopath)

Elly Cooke (EP)

Ennzio Spruyt (physiotherapist)

Samantha Slade (EP)

Tyron Maroske (EP)

Christian Georgopoulous (Osteopath)

Louise Toohey (OHS Coordinator)

Nadine Ellery (Osteopath)

Jesse Kingsbury (Myotherapist)

Tsung Mak (EP)

Tim Millier (Osteopathy Student)

Nicole Woodruff (EP)

Nathan Sgherza (EP)

Ashley Nguyen (EP)

Jonathan Hoyle (EP)

Rebecca Davine (EP)

Clair Hurst (Osteopath)

Tanya Pierotti (EP)

Michelle Brown (Osteopath)

Ramesh Dabarera (EP)

James Dabbah (EP)

Stephen Stone (EP)

Callum Sutherland (EP)

Jesse Ham (EP)

Stiophan Mac Suibhine (osteopath)

Josh Davis (osteopath)

Lachlan Buckley (osteopath)

Jasmine F (osteopath)

Peter Baziotis (osteopath)

Jessica Gallagher (osteopath)

Dylan Garvin (osteopath)

Lachlan Cossens (osteopath)

Amanda Jones

Sonia Romano (osteopath)

Annette Boulamatsis

Alisha Telford

Chantal Burness

Jarrod Testa (osteopath)

Leah Madden (osteopath)

Samuel Perkins (exercise physiologist)

Nicole Taylor

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