Onsite workplace ergonomic management

Why Onsite Workplace Ergonomic Management Service?


Corporate Work Health Australia have realised the importance of managing office related ergonomic hazards and risks for your workers and have put together a number of effective packages that will help manage these hazards and risks.

These packages will help you both educate workers in workstation ergonomics and how to prevent workplace strains and sprains, and provide consistent assessment services when required.

Our ultimate goal is to drive down organization costs associated with lost time from work, offsite treatments and medical appointments; whilst improving worker morale, productivity and company culture in relation to WHS/OHS.


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What are we Offering?

  • Monthly provision of a registered health professional within your workplace to complete all ergonomic services
  • Integration of our ergonomic consulting services into your organization’s core strategies
  • Regular and consistent management of all your workplace ergonomic hazards, risks and assessments.
  • Long term ergonomic strategy discussion
  • Customised reporting tailored to your organization


What are the Benefits?

Our onsite ergonomic management service offers the following benefits:

  • Early intervention of education and assessment for any ergonomic hazards or risks within your workplace
  • Early consultation with health professional for your workforce for any aches and pains
  • Education of your workforce on managing sedentary work risk factors
  • Consistency in ergonomic assessments and reports
  • Improved workforce morale and productivity
  • Reduction in simple issues progressing to complex issues
  • Reduction in worker presenteeism and absenteeism


What Services Can Our Health Professional Consultants Offer?


A. Ergonomic Assessments

  • New starter desk setups
  • Change of desk assessment
  • Return to work assessments
  • 10 minute ergonomic desk checks
  • 15 minute ‘preventative’ workstation ergonomic assessment
  • 30 minute ‘minor complaints’ workstation ergonomic assessment
  • ‘Standard’ one-on-one workstation ergonomic assessment
  • One-on-One sit-stand workstation assessment
  • Follow-up ergonomic assessments
  • Ergonomic equipment sourcing


B. Ergonomic Training, Education & Workshops

  • ‘Sit-Safe’ ergonomic & posture training workshop
  • ‘Sit-Stand’ ergonomic & posture training workshop
  • Stretching workshops
  • Exercise workshops


OHS Management, Corporate Strategy & Reporting

Our consultants can also play an integral role within your business regarding OHS Management of office ergonomic hazard and risk management.  We can help with:

  • Reporting on key hazards/risks within the workplace
  • Reporting on preventative and reactive ergonomic risk assessments outcomes
  • Sourcing and providing advice on ergonomic equipment and accessories
  • Planning for future ergonomic changes within the organisation



Package Options

Package Option


Monthly hours


Monthly Rate Hourly Rate Yearly Savings
Level 1 2 hr $350 + GST $175 + GST




Level 2 3.5hrs (1/2 day) $560 + GST $160 + GST




Level 3


7hrs  (1 day or 2 half days)


$1015 + GST $145 + GST $6300


Note:  Minimum 12 month contract required


Our Most Popular Packages

  • Small group ergonomic and posture training (15-30 minute education sessions) + desk sweeps/desk review + reporting on outcomes
  • 15 minute educational/preventative individual consultations and 30 minute consultations for workers with musculoskeletal complaints + reporting on outcome.
  • Consultation and assessment with new starters + follow up assessments with previously assessed workers + reporting on outcome.
  • Review of storage and office manual handling processes + reporting on improvements.


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