Ergonomic Workplace Management & Monthly Onsite Services

Healthy workers often perform better and have less time off.

Monthly provision of a registered health professional within your workplace to complete all workplace ergonomic services.

These packages will help you both educate and manage workstation ergonomics, manual handling procedures, hazard identification and risk management.

Having regular onsite training can help prevent workplace injuries and accidents, and provide consistent assessment services when required.

Our Workplace Ergonomic Management Services

Most Popular Packages

  • Small group ergonomic and posture training (15-30 minute education sessions) + desk sweeps/desk review + reporting on outcomes.
  • 15 minute educational/preventative individual consultations and 30 minute consultations for workers with musculoskeletal complaints + reporting on outcomes.
  • Consultation and assessment with new starters + follow up assessments with previously assessed workers + reporting on outcomes.
  • Review of storage and office manual handling processes + reporting on improvements.

Book An Online Meeting With One Of Our Directors

Our directors have over 20 years experience! A online video call is recommended for organisations wanting monthly educational workshops, stafff training or risk assessment. Choose the state you require service delivery in via the buttons below to book a FREE online meeting or call and we will find a time that suits you.

Onsite Risk Management Services

Corporate Work Health Australia have realised the importance of managing office related ergonomic hazards and risks for your workers and have put together a number of effective packages that will help manage these hazards and risks.

These packages will help you both educate workers in workstation ergonomics and how to prevent workplace strains and sprains, and provide consistent workplace ergonomic management and assessment services when required.

Our ultimate goal is to drive down organisation costs associated with lost time from work, offsite treatments and medical appointments; whilst improving worker morale, productivity and company culture in relation to WHS/OHS.

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What are we offering?

  • Monthly provision of a registered health professional within your workplace to complete all onsite ergonomic services
  • Integration of our ergonomic consulting services into your organization’s core strategies
  • Regular and consistent onsite ergonomic management of all your workplace ergonomic hazards, risks and assessments
  • Long term ergonomic strategy discussion
  • Customised reporting tailored to your organization

What Services Can Our Health Professional Consultants Offer?

Ergonomic Assessments

  • New starter desk setups
  • Change of desk assessments
  • Return to work assessments
  • 10 minute ergonomic desk checks
  • 15 minute ‘preventative’ workstation ergonomic assessments
  • 30 minute ‘minor complaints’ workstation ergonomic assessments
  • ‘Standard’ one-on-one workstation ergonomic assessments
  • One-on-One sit-stand workstation assessments
  • Follow-up ergonomic assessments
  • Ergonomic equipment sourcing

 Ergonomic Training, Education & Workshops

  • ‘Sit-Safe’ ergonomic & posture training workshop
  • ‘Sit-Stand’ ergonomic & posture training workshop
  • Stretching workshops
  • Exercise workshops

 OHS Management, Corporate Strategy And Reporting

Our consultants can also play an integral role within your business regarding OHS Management of office ergonomic hazard and risk management.  We can help with:

  • Reporting on key hazards/risks within the workplace
  • Reporting on preventative and reactive workplace ergonomic management and risk assessments outcomes
  • Sourcing and providing advice on ergonomic equipment and accessories
  • Planning for future ergonomic changes within the organisation


1. Enquiry

Call, email or complete a form. Let us know what you want to achieve or the problems you are having.

2. Consultation

Phone, video call or face to face. We will discuss your needs, make some suggestions and provide a quote.

3. Assessment

Your assessment and/or training package is 100% tailor made to suit your needs, budget and service requirements.

4. Training

Onsite, online or both. Your personalised package is delivered by health professionals with extensive clinical and teaching experience.

5. Results

We have helped thousands of people at some of Australia’s top companies. Our team will work with you every step of the way to ensure you achieve the right results for your company and for your workers.

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Free Basic Ergonomic Risk Management Evaluation

Answer a few questions and receive a free online consultation with one of our highly experienced occupational health professionals

CWHA Free Ergonomic Evaluation

Ergonomic Workplace Management Benefits For Companies

  • Early intervention of education and assessment for any ergonomic hazards or risks within your workplace
  • Early consultation with health professional for your workforce for any aches and pains
  • Education of your workforce on managing sedentary work risk factors
  • Consistency in ergonomic assessments and reports
  • Improved workforce morale and productivity through onsite ergonomic services  
  • Reduction in simple issues progressing to complex issues
  • Reduction in worker presenteeism and absenteeism

Ergonomic Workplace Management Benefits For Employees

  • Employees can more rapidly access an ergonomic assessment if a change to their setup or equipment is required
  • Increased employee knowledge in ergonomic risk management and injury prevention strategies
  • Reduced risk of developing ergonomic injuries in the workplace through ergonomic services
  • Improved ergonomic workstation setups for both the individual and team
  • Greater worker engagement and consultation within the workplace leading to improved workplace culture

Frequently Asked Questions

What does setting up this service involve?

We simply create a monthly recurring invoice for the level of service of your choice and then get to working with you.

What services are covered in the monthly ergonomic management service?

You can choose from any of our ergonomic and manual handling training and assessment services. You can mix and match each month to what you need. 

Is there a minimum term for the monthly ergonomic management service?

This service is a 12 month minimum term

Are discounts applied to the monthly ergonomic management service?

Yes the more hours you book the more discount is applied to our standard hourly rate. 

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