Manual Handling Training Course in Perth

Have you conducted a workplace hazard identification check and manual handling risk assessment of specific manual tasks?  All workplaces should have an OHS/WHS management system in place so that can identify key hazardous manual tasks within the workplace and then perform a risk assessment of these manual tasks to help guide on the best method to manage this.

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Manual Handling Training in Perth

The human body was not designed for the sedentary lifestyle that the modern world imposes on it. The fact of the matter is that almost 70% of our days are spent on activity that is somewhat detrimental to our overall wellbeing. Where this really matters is in the workplace, particularly when employees must engage in physical exertion that may bring about strain. The lack of activity as a result of a sedentary lifestyle may increase the chances of incurring injury, which is bad news for business everywhere.

However, at Corporate Work Health Australia, our manual handling training gives Perth business owners a resource that they can depend on for a thorough assessment of their work practices and solutions that will improve the overall wellbeing of their workforce.

We develop and implement tailored solutions for your specific business and through our training programs, your staff can gain a vital appreciation of how best to engage with their work environment and lower the risk of injury.

We believe that our service affords employers the chance to become fully compliant with the prevailing legal requirements and our systematic and logical approach to managing risk will lead to the development of strategies that will enhance the productive possibilities of the workforce and minimize the potential hazards and risk factors.

The Benefits of Manual Handling Training in Perth

Here at Corporate Work Health Australia, we believe that a complete approach to risk and safety assessment is the best way to achieve real results for your company. As such, our manual handling course offers Perth business owners the opportunity to have an external body engage with key stakeholders to determine the risk assessment of their processes and to then learn what was found and what measures can be implemented to best control the risks.

The process has many benefits for the company as a whole. First and foremost, where your workforce is concerned, they stand to benefit from improving their work skills by adopting new practices that place less of a burden on them physically and promote greater overall wellbeing.

When we become familiar with an environment, we can fail to see the dangers or risks that surround us. An objective risk assessment will help you determine which employees are potentially unsafe and which are at risk of incurring an injury. This affords you the possibility to make the necessary changes to remove or limit the possibility of risk, and train staff so that they are more cognizant of any dangers while they work.

The team here at Corporate Work Health Australia has, on countless occasions, seen the development of employees as they gain confidence in the tasks that they complete as a result of the changes implemented. This can boost productivity and improve the morale of workers who may previously have felt unsafe, unproductive or uneducated in terms of how best to complete their work.

How Manual Handling Training Could Save You Thousands

Taking proactive steps to negate the possibility for lost productivity, employee accidents and the potential for costly legal claims is something that all companies can do today. The solutions that are required may be simple tweaks to your existing operational procedures, but until they are pointed out, they may not become apparent until it is too late.

So, for manual handling training in Perth that will improve the welfare of your staff and help your business continue to grow in the years ahead, we also offer ergonomic assessment in Perth which can also help the welfare of your staff. Get in touch with the team here at Corporate Work Health Australia today.

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