How to improve the risk management of workplace ergonomics for both the office and the home

work from home ergonomic assessment & workstation setup







Over the last 12 months we have seen more and more organisations contract corporate work health australia to deliver the workstation ergonomic train the assessor courses within their organisation so that key workers can be trained up in delivering basic workstation ergonomic risk assessment courses.   The most common workers typically attending these workshops include HR, people and culture, IT, facilities and OHS/WHS staff.

Benefits of training

The benefits of training key workers within the organisation in workplace ergonomics include:

  • Have new starters assessed and set up at their workstation upon commencement
  • Have workers who have relocated workstations or acquired new equipment assessed and trained in how to utilise the various ergonomic equipment aids
  • Have workers with minor niggles and aches reviewed and triaged rapidly so that these issues dont progress further for both the individual and the organisation
  • Allow the business to plan and organise their risk management system with regards to office and home office workstation ergonomics
  • Allow the business to develop and plan a system that allows them to manage requests for new equipment such as sit stand desks and chairs etc

Our most popular course is our full day face to face or 1 day hybrid online and face to face course.   Click here to read more.


Full day (advanced) ergonomic train the assessor / Face to face and hybrid

Learning Outcomes:

  • Setup new starters at their workstation
  • Complete a basic ergonomic workstation assessment for taller workers and shorter workers
  • Complete a basic ergonomic workstation assessment for workers with concerns with their workstation
  • Recommend a variety of common ergonomic accessories within the workplace
  • Complete a basic ergonomic workstation assessment for workers with simple musculoskeletal complaints
  • Complete a basic ergonomic workstation assessment for workers who may request / require a sit and stand desk
  • Complete a basic home ergonomic workstation assessment for workers who work from home


Course details / inclusions:

  • 7 hours / full day or 1/2 day online and 1/2 day face to face
  • All attendees will receive electronic copy of course notes, hard copy handouts of ergonomic assessment forms; and certificate of attendance
  • Should your company currently have ergonomic assessment templates already in use, please let us know as we will be happy to adapt training to include these risk assessment forms within the training

Course location:  Our CWHA trainers will attend your workplace and conduct training onsite at your company so that attendees can be trained in their work environment and training can be tailored to specifically suit your company.

Investment: Starting at $1695+GST. Please call 1300 951 … or email for a quote