Office workstation desk assessments are desk based consultations carried out at the workstation between Corporate Work Health Australia team of health professionals (osteopath, physiotherapist, occupational therapist, exercise physiologist and myotherapist) and the worker. Consultations can range from 10 minutes to 60 minutes depending on the reason for the assessment and goals of the consultation.

The aim of this blog is to provide some insight into what we do when undertaking a workstation ergonomic assessment with a worker.

Whats involved with an office workstation desk assessment?

The office workstation desk assessment can last anywhere between 10 minutes and 60 minutes depending on the type of assessment requested and the objectives of the assessment.

One of our health professionals will visit your workplace and consult with the worker(s) and look to educate and set workers up at their workstation to improve comfort, productivity, whilst also looking to improve the health and wellbeing of the worker and reduce ones risk of developing musculoskeletal strains and sprains.

Our initial discussion with the worker will look to discuss the following:

  • Consultation with the worker regarding their job
  • Job tasks performed
  • Work hours
  • Break behaviours
  • Current musculoskeletal or work environment concerns.

Some of the reasons why a workplace will look to implement a workstation ergonomic assessment can be due to some or all of the reasons below:

  • Education on best practice workstation set up with regards to the chair, computer and other desk accessories
  • Education of workers regarding sitting and working postures, movement behaviours, stretching and strengthening exercises
  • Education of workers regarding workstation hazards and risks to raise awareness about workplace occupational health and safety
  • Musculoskeletal injury management

Following the initial consultation with the worker, we will then look to assess how the worker is interacting with the following:

  • Chair
  • Desk
  • Computer
  • Desk accessories i.e. footrest, document holders etc
  • We will also discuss and review the environmental conditions (noise, temperature, lighting, humidity) as these may also impact on a workers level of comfort and well being.

It is important to understand and educate both workers and the company that not all issues are caused or aggravated by physical ergonomic factors and therefore we will consider the cognitive and organisational ergonomic factors when working with the worker and also companies.

Following our assessment will look to then make adjustments to the physical set up of the workstation and equipment to optimise set up and comfort where possible. We will also discuss with the worker strategies to encourage greater activity and varied work postures where possible to minimise exposure to static awkward, repetitive working postures for long periods of time.

Following our consultation with the worker we will look to then provide a report outlining our observations and recommendations. The level of detail of report will depend on the job task performed and complexity of assessment.

Corporate Work Health Australia currently offer a range of office and non office ergonomic risk assessments. Our most popular office workstation services include:

  • Desk checks – these 10 minute desk checks are focused on setting workers up at their workstation and making simple changes to their workstation. We aim to complete 5 per hour and our desk checks suit companies with 50+workers. Workers with musculoskeletal aches and pain are likely to benefit from longer consultations.
  • 15 minute injury prevention workstation desk assessments – our 15 minute workstation education consultation that looks to assess the worker in their current set up and make adjustments to their workstation on the day. We will also provide the company with a 1 page ergonomic risk assessment report.
  • Standard ergonomic workstation assessment – 30 minute assessment that is suited to the worker who is dealing with a musculoskeletal complaint. We may consul the worker privately in a meeting room first before assessing them at their workstation. A more detailed report (2-3 pages) will be provided.
  • Specialised ergonomic workstation assessment – 45- 75 minute assessment that is suited to the worker who is managing multiple musculoskeletal complaints or a complex musculoskeletal complaint. A longer (4-5 page) will be provided.

In addition to this we also offer a range of other ergonomic assessments that include a home office workstation assessment or vehicle ergonomic assessment. These have been developed due to the fact that ones primary workplace may now be their home or work vehicle.

If you would like to find out more about these services, please click here. Click here for vehicle ergonomic assessments. Click here for home office ergonomic assessments.

For those businesses or individuals wanting to raise awareness about office workstation ergonomics, please feel free to save and share the office workstation ergonomic poster below.

What is involved with an office workstation desk assessment ergo workstation flyer
What is involved with an office workstation desk assessment ergo workstation flyer

If you would like to chat with one of our team about what service might best suit you or your business, please touch base with us at or call 1300951519.