Wellness Services

Manual handling

Manual Handling Training

Corporate Work Health Australia’s training team are fully qualified Physiotherapists & Osteopaths who pride themselves on delivering effective, easy to understand, ‘jargon’ free training, best suited for up to 12 staff members. All our manual handling training programs are written using evidence based material and the most up to date Australian Legislation.

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Physical therapy

On-Site Physical Therapy

Musculoskeletal injuries, particularly lower back pain, are at epidemic proportions throughout Australia’s workforce and have become a costly financial burden for the employer, costing Australian employers $8billion in workers compensation premiums for the 2005-06 financial year. Onsite consultations can provide a significant decrease in these costs.

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Training seminar

Sitesafe Education

Corporate Work Health Australia has put together a highly cost effective strategy to educate multiple seated staff members onsite. ‘Sitsafe’ is our program designed specifically for seated workers. A Registered Physiotherapist or Osteopath will facilitate the informal training sessions that includes both theoretical and practical components.

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Group exercise

Sitesafe Group Exercise Classes

‘Sitsafe’ is your prevention, intervention and maintenance program that will help reduce injuries, boost your work performance & reduce workplace absenteeism. Remember, just because you’re not carrying an injury now doesn’t mean that one isn’t just around the corner.

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Risk assessments


Pre and Post-Employment Physical Assessments – Manual Handling Training – Ergonomic Risk Assessments (group or one-on-one) – “Sitesafe” Injury Prevention for the Seated Worker Training – On-site Treatment and Rehabilitation with Physical Therapist – Individual Risk Assessment – Consultancy

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Consultancy services


Corporate Work Health Australia offers you a complete and varied portfolio of consultancy services further helping you to reduce the costs associated with work related injuries. We assist our clients in fulfilling their statutory obligations and offer customised solutions that really work for the ‘people on the ground.’

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