Vehicle Physical Ergonomic Considerations For The Allied Health Professional

Corporate Work Health Australia have designed a 3 hour online training course that looks at the key elements of the physical ergonomic considerations for vehicles.  This has specifically be created for the allied health professional who is working with clients who may be experiencing specific physical issues relating to the vehicle and aggravation of a musculoskeletal complaint.

Key areas covered include:

  • Review OHS/WHS and how this relates to vehicle ergonomics for the worker
  • Review the 4 main elements of vehicle ergonomics that relate to the physical domain of ergonomics
  • Apply the 4 key elements to a range of vehicles that include cars, trucks, vans
  • Learn how to assess and implement better practices for entering and exiting vehicles
  • Learn how to advise clients and workers to improve their vehicle seat set up
  • Learn how to review and educate clients and workers on better strategies to work within the vehicle
  • Review storage and manual tasks relating to vehicle

This course was designed by osteopath Heath Williams and physiotherapist Wade Brennan.  Both Heath and Wade have been working in the field of office and vehicle ergonomics since 2006. 

If you would like to purchase this course, please click on the link below: