Office Injury Prevention

Stretch and Strengthen Strategies

We understand that there are many hazards and risks associated with both office based and manual based work environments and where possible we look to provide you with control measures that are simple and effective to implement. In many work environments it is almost impossible to eliminate all hazards and risks and therefore we have developed a stretch or strengthening program to better equip your workers with both the knowledge and practical skills to be able to implement simple stretching and strengthening techniques to help workers deal with tension associated with static, awkward or repetitive work tasks that can be performed for long durations.


So What Do We Do?

All of our services are tailor made to suit your companies and workers needs. We offer a range of consultation services that usually involves the following:

Basic Service

  1. Site view – observation of work tasks and review of any existing injury data/risk assessments,
  2. Stretching routine handout development & presentation development,
  3. Practical stretching session for the workers.
  4. +/- practical review session (4-8 weeks later)

Note:  We can also provide a train the trainer (training site champions to lead stretching sessions within work times).

Premium Service

  1. Site viewing and worker consultation – this involves consulting with worker to view their work tasks and understand the common issues associated with their work tasks.
  2. Worksite hazard analysis of work tasks performed relating to manual handling and/or office based work tasks.
  3. Manual handling risk assessments of top high risk/hazardous tasks – reporting on hazard/risk and control measure options.
  4. Manual handling training for workers.
  5. Injury Prevention/Management Strategies – Stretch +/- Strengthen course program development and training sessions for workers.
  6. Follow up training provided as required and review of program implementation.

If you would like to find out more about these services and how we can help you, please call 1300 951 519 or email