With COVID-19 sending all of Australia’s office based work force to their home as of Wednesday for the coming weeks, it is important that all businesses risk manage their workers and that all individuals ensure they have considered their work from home environment and make the best choices that are available to them with regards to their home office workstation set up.

Corporate Work Health Australia currently have a range of remote based consultations for businesses and individuals, ranging from 1:1 teleconference education sessions, 1:1 risk assessment sessions and group based education sessions. Find out more by clicking on the video below and reading more about our services online.

Booking a consult is easy and can completed via our online booking system. https://corporateworkhealth.com.au/ergonomic-assessment/covid-19-home-office-workstation-assessments/#osteopathy#physio#myo#myotherapy#chiro#osteo#cwha#ergonomics#homeworkstationergonomics#ohs#whs