Hi everyone,Wade and I just wanted to touch base with you all as we understand that many businesses will be moving towards having their employees work from home over the coming weeks or months to ensure their health and wellbeing.We have put together a 1 page education handout that you might wish to circulate to your workforce regarding work from home practices for a temporary period of time. You can download it via our link below:https://corporateworkhealth.com.au/ergonomic-assessment/home-office-ergonomic-assessments/

For those businesses who require more in detail assessments to ensure the health and safety of their workforce, our business has been undertaking 1:1 remote/home office, health and safety risk assessments (starting at $190+GST for Melb, Sydney, Brisbane, Gold Coast) for many years now. In light of the recent occurrence of CV, we have also decided to offer home office teleconference assessments Australia wide ($95+GST) that involves workers completing a self assessment form, followed up by a 20 minute teleconference call with a health professional and then a risk assessment report.Should your workforce require a home office assessment in person or a teleconference assessment due to pre existing musculoskeletal complaints, please feel free to touch base with us @ admin@corporateworkhealth.com.

Please click on the link below to read more about these services.https://corporateworkhealth.com.au/ergonomic-assessment/home-office-ergonomic-assessments/

Should you have any questions about working from home and educating your workforce, please let us know as we are available to help.Regards,Heath and Wade

Directors CWHA