There is no time like the present to train and educate your workers on how to optimise their working from home set up and ensure they are taking regular breaks and stretching throughout the work day.  Why do I say this?  Just this week I have had 4 clients in my osteopathy practice reporting a new onset of neck pain and headaches and aggravation of pre existing complaints (neck pain and lower back) as a result of working from home at their dining room table with their laptop.  It is important that all individuals are educated on the importance of optimising their set up at home and to modify their work behaviours and tasks to avoid the development of any aches and pains. 

Corporate Work Health Australia are currently delivering 30 minute group training sessions focusing on everything from home ergonomics and optimising the set up to stretches and exercises.  These sessions are hosted by one of our qualified health professionals (osteopath, physiotherapist).  Topics covered include:

  • Educating workers on how to optimise their current home workstation
  • Educating workers on movement behaviours and breaks to reduce static awkward working postures that may result in aches and pains
  • Prescription of basic stretches that can be performed whilst at the home workstation

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