Ergonomic tips for kids studying or doing schooling from home

1. Identify an area of the house that you can study in without too much distraction

2. Identify a secondary area where you can get up and stand and study for short periods of time / or outside where you can get done fresh air

3. Plan what tasks you are going to do and select the best space for this ie. computer work at a desk with ergonomic task chair and use an external keyboard and mouse with a raised laptop

4. Limit tablet and iPhone use for homework. If a tablet is used, use an external keyboard

5. If you don’t have an ergonomic adjustable chair or desk, use a dining room chair and cushions to sit on and against your back to improve back support and comfort

6. Take a 5 min break every 30 minutes

7. After 2 hours, take a 15-30 minute walk outside or do some exercise

8. Do not have any background noise on that may distract you

9. Limit access to social media whilst studying

10. Plan your study session with objectives and key aspects to cover

11. Keep your fluid levels up and eat regularly hashtag#ergonomics hashtag#cwha hashtag#osteo hashtag#osteopathy hashtag#principlefourosteopathy