COVID – 19 Home office assessment services for individuals

Corporate Work Health Australia have put together a number of training & assessment services to help you set yourself up to work from home, and manage any current or past musculoskeletal issues you may have.

Individual home office video call assessments

‘Basic’ 20 minute video call assessment (no forms, video call only)

Description:  20 minute video conference call with our health professional discussing your current workstation set up and any concerns you may have.  Our health professional will make recommendations to improve your home workstation set up and provide you with some tips to reduce your risk of developing any musculoskeletal discomfort.
  • Summary report/email of main discussion points and recommendations
  • Access to CWHA free educational videos and educational handout

Booking this consult

  • You are not required to fill out any pre consultation documents for this booking
  • Please email with our booking date/time, service type, and preferred method of contact (zoom, skype or phone) and your health professional will send you an invite
Cost: $ 70+GST

‘Standard’ Video Call Home Office Workstation Risk Assessment

The standard home office risk assessment is for the following individuals:

  • Individuals who would like an assessment of their current home office work environment and additional advice on how to optimise their current set up
  • Individuals who may be experiencing minor strains and pains / typical aches and pains associated with desk work
  • Individuals whose work place requires a home health and safety risk assessment

This teleconference may include the following:

  • Job task analysis / discussion of tasks you complete
  • Review and discussion of your current home office set up
  • Discussion of current concerns and issues relating to your home office
  • Education on current physical set up and working behaviours
  • Advice and prescription of appropriate movement strategies i.e. may include stretching, mobility and simple strengthening exercises


  • Completion of self assessment form
  • Review of self assessment form by health professional
  • 1:1 video call consultation with health professional (30 minutes)
  • Risk assessment report including advice and recommendations
  • Access to CWHA free educational videos and educational handouts

Booking this consult

  • You will be required to complete a self assessment form prior to undertaking the teleconference.
  • Please email with your booking date/time, service type, and preferred method of consultation (skype, zoom, phone) and your health professional will email you the self assessment form to complete.   The self assessment form will be sent as a word doc and you will be required to fill out all sections and include photos of your proposed/current workstation (chair, desk, office space, computer) and email this to
  • Please allow 24 hours from the time of booking to allow for adequate time for the assessment form to be sent, completed, received and reviewed.
  • Your health professional will send you a meeting request (zoom, skype, phone) prior to the teleconference

Note: You will require a phone with audio/video and/or computer with skype/zoom capabilities and camera.

Cost: $120+GST

Individual home office training course

COVID – 19 Home Office Workstation Educational Video Package For The Individual


  • Educate your workforce on how to optimise their set up, ranging from just a laptop and dining room chair to full home office workstation
  • Stretching, Mobility and Theraband exercise videos to educate your workers on how to keep active and avoid strains and sprains from static awkward long duration work postures and tasks
  • Short video on how to improve working postures when dealing with hard copy documents
  • We have also included PDF education handouts (workstation set up, stretching and theraband) that you can circulate within the business to support learning and application
  • You will get access to the short instructional video for 12 months to review as many times as you like

Access our course for only $4.95 AUD.

In person home office risk assessments

Home Office Workstation / Remote Office Risk Assessments

Corporate Work Health Australia also conduct site visits to your home to undertake risk assessments in person.  We currently offer our standard remote/home office and detailed remote/home office assessments.

Download our working from home ergonomics poster for FREE

Our working from home office ergonomics poster pdf can be used as an educational tool to educate and remind you of how to optimise the working from home ergonomic set up.  

We have included the optimal workstation desk set up as well as alternative short term home office workstation set up ideas.  

CWHA ergo work from home tips