Corporate Work Health Australia have been operating since 2010 and focus on helping both large and small organisations in injury prevention and management.  The team at CWHA are made up of physiotherapists, osteopaths, exercise physiologists and occupational therapists and we specialise in the areas of workplace and vehicle ergonomics as well as manual handling risk assessments and training.

Since 2010 we have worked with 100s of businesses and helped 1000s of clients.  Service offerings include:

  • Face to face workstation ergonomic risk assessments
  • Telehealth workstation ergonomic risk assessments
  • Vehicle ergonomic risk assessments (residential, commercial and plant vehicles)
  • Workstation ergonomic train the trainer courses for corporate clients
  • Workstation ergonomic, vehicle ergonomic and manual handling train the trainer courses for allied health professionals
  • Manual handling task analysis, hazard identification, risk assessments and training
  • Pre employment functional capacity and functional capacity assessments

Throughout the years we have worked across all industry types with a range of businesses.  These include the following below:

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