Investing in ergonomics for your staff and employees may not be at front of mind for most employers and business owners, but its benefits reach far and wide – and potentially is an investment that pays off itself over years of increased productivity, efficiency, happiness as well as much more.

Workplace or office ergonomics provides many opportunities for employees and business workers to work to their absolute best – free from the eye, back, neck, hip or general body strain, headaches, soreness and tiredness.

At Corporate Work Health, we’ve helped businesses from trades to corporate help achieve their best working spaces for their employees – tailored and optimised for comfortable, supported, and healthy working. The ergonomics process can boost efficiency, improve productivity, prevent fatigue and discomfort as well as musculoskeletal disorders or injuries in the office environment.

There are so many more benefits of proper office ergonomics, but to save you time, we’ve summarised 5 of the topmost useful benefits of ergonomics in the workplace below:

1. Improved productivity

If an employee or worker is sitting with poor posture, experiencing body aches and pains from sitting down for too long, this can leave them feeling fatigued and unable to perform at their best. By investing in workstation ergonomics, you can help your employees avoid these situations and allow them to work more comfortably. By eliminating the time spent dealing with sore necks, backs, hips, or any other work office-related pain, you’ll find that your workers are able to work more productively and efficiently – getting more done in less time!

2. Healthier employees

Ergonomics in the workplace promotes healthy and happy employees as they are supported through their work, creating an environment that is adjustable to their needs. Our ergonomic assessments are tailored to each employee, including adjustments for any existing injuries, conditions, etc.

Healthier employees are happier employees, which helps them perform better at work over the long term.

3. Prevention of pain or injury

Ergonomics can play a crucial role in preventing an employee from injury as well as promoting the health and safety of workers. In the office, workers are likely to sit for long periods of time and potentially strain their neck or bend their body in a way that leads to bad posture. With good workplace ergonomics put in place, this better prevents workers from experiencing an injury, especially to common areas like their wrist, neck, back and hip.

4. Workplace ergonomics saves you money

Going through the ergonomics process for your company can prevent injuries in the workplace, meaning your company can avoid injury compensation costs (caused by poor ergonomics).

Plus, workplace ergonomics also avoids any potential lost productivity when an injured employee is on paid sick leave.

5. Ergonomics increases employee engagement

When a business can spend resources to promote workplace ergonomics, it can encourage employees to feel more valued – it can also lower the risk of frustrations or discomfort at the office. Employees who feel more appreciated are likely to increase productivity, engagement, and may also be more likely to stay within the business (which avoids high employee turnovers and lost productivity due to training and onboarding new staff).

Work Smarter with a Professional Office Ergonomic Assessment

Office ergonomics can be tricky, so it’s better to seek assistance from professionals who’ll know exactly how to help your employees maintain quality health and good posture at the workplace.

At Corporate Work Health, you’ll find a team that delivers comprehensive ergonomic office workplace assessments that can be tailored to the ergonomic requirements of your staff and employees.Request a free quote or call us today on 1300 951 519.