Worker Health Checks

Corporate Work Health Australia specialises in the delivery of work health checks, conducted onsite in your workplace. Our nationwide team of health professionals both assess and improve the health of your staff, while also assessing the health of your organisation. We provide one-on-one appointments with a university qualified health professional. Workers will be educated on their current health status and their health risk, while also understanding their overall health and how to improve it.

Initiatives such as onsite work health checks assist in reducing absenteeism, while increasing productivity and retention. Additionally, a summary of the results of the workplace health assessments are presented in a confidential report which allow the organisation to determine key health risk areas and future initiatives, such as ourhealth/wellness programs. An annual staff health assessment then allows the organisation to track the progress of staff health to determine the outcomes of the corporate health/wellness program.


We currently offer the following three levels of work health checks:


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