Pre-employment Functional Assessment

Pre Employment Functional Assessment Service 

The effort that you put into your craft or the design of that revolutionary product or the thought that goes into making your service the best is only worthwhile if you have an appropriate means to deliver it. There are few jobs that require solitary focus and as such, it is important to have access to trained and skilled workers who can help you achieve more in a shorter period of time.

At Corporate Work Health Australia, our pre employment functional assessment is designed to ensure that when you are looking for the right people to work with you, you are certain that those that make your shortlist are the best fit for the job. Our goal is to reduce the number of minor complaints that progress to claims and to limit the risk that goes hand-in-hand with taking on new staff to your workforce.

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How Our Pre Employment Assessment Determines Suitability

A pre employment functional capacity assessment is a safeguard that protects you against the possibility of hiring an employee that is carrying an old or previous injury, or who does not meet the required physical capacity to carry out the job they have applied for.

At Corporate Work Health Australia, we ask three key questions using the JobFit System PEFA, which are:

  • Does the candidate have an existing injury?
  • Have they demonstrated the physical ability required to carry out the inherent requirements of the job?
  • Are they at an increased level of risk with regards to sustaining further injury, and if so, what can be done about it?

The importance of carrying out this functional assessment cannot be understated because it essentially is a means to ensuring that your new hire is suitable for the work and is less likely to increase the risk of being injured or causing injury to the rest of your workforce.

New entrants into any company are the most likely to sustain a workplace injury within their first months on your premises. This stems from a lack of knowledge of the site, getting to grips with the processes and procedures but also as a result of not having the capacity to comfortably and confidently complete their work.

Any employer that hires a person, fully aware that they have an existing issue fails in their duty of care to both that person and their own staff, particularly where the job they will fulfil involves work that may prove taxing and stressful, and might cause that injury to recur. We also carry our pre-employment medical assessments to ensure the candidate is physically and mentally in the right state for the role.

Hire The Right Candidate With A Pre Employment Assessment

At Corporate Work Health Australia, our team is made up of health professionals with a variety of specialist knowledge who are perfectly placed to thoroughly and competently assess the suitability of any candidate for any job role.

We act as an impartial third party that you can depend on for a clear, honest and objective opinion with regards to those you are considering hiring. This service is vital in terms of injury prevention and helps reduce the number of workplace injuries, which can have a beneficial effect on related premiums.

A pre employment functional assessment is the perfect way to back your intuition with regards to the suitability of a candidate with objective evidence. So, leave nothing to chance and get in touch with us here at Corporate Work Health Australia today for a thorough, dependable service that will stand your organization in good stead.

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