Pre Employment Assessments & Functional Capacity Evaluations

Functional Capacity Assessment Service Across Australia

Every employer wants to find the perfect employees that will take their company to the next level and help them to achieve their goals. While the education system ensures that there are plenty of willing candidates with the requisite knowledge to theoretically carry out the job, determining whether the person is physically suitable to complete the work that they are applying to undertake is just as important.

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Here at Corporate Work Health Australia, we offer our functional capacity assessment to companies across the country that wish to gain an appreciation of the physical wellbeing of those that they intend to hire before they hand them a contract.

We are a team of business owners and health professionals that understand the need to gain an insight into the capabilities of those in our employ and their abilities. We carry out a series of test that gives you objective information specific to the job you are hiring for, with regards to each applicant’s physical and functional capacity.

All business owners have heard stories about promising new hires who were quickly injured and filed a claim against their employer. The reality is that the duty of care you owe to your employees extends to injury prevention and making informed decisions with regards to employment. There are two main assessments we carry out, the first being a pre-employment functional assessment and the second a pre-employment medical assessment.

How Employers Benefit from Functional Capacity Assessments

In the past, the emphasis was on the interview and the intuitive capabilities of those assessing candidates for a role. While this perhaps ensured that smart candidates who displayed bright and informed personalities may rise to the top of the list, those that possess the natural capabilities to actually complete physical tasks with little risk of incurring injury and who perhaps had the aptitude to learn on the job were overlooked.

A functional capacity evaluation does not only protect your new hire or limit the chances of injury befalling them, but it also is a smart move in terms of safeguarding the wellbeing of those that you already employ. Accidents in the workplace are not always isolated and impact the person at the heart of the problem, but can cause harm to come to those in the vicinity at the time. As such, this is a key preventative measure you can take before you ever extend your hand to welcome a new hire, and gives you a complete picture of what they are capable of.

At Corporate Work Health Australia, many past clients benefit from these evaluations when false claims of injury were filed against them. Having a record of pre-employment capacity can be very useful in such instances. What’s more, it lowers the chances of mismatching workers with critical job tasks that might put them or those in that department at risk.

How to Ensure You Choose the Right Candidate for the Job

We also complete periodic functional capacity assessments for our clients where employees that incurred an injury return to work and the need to track their recovery is necessary. Using the JobFit System is a reliable method that serves as a repeated measure that will accurately monitor change over time. As such, any improvement or regression is identified in the worker and this objective assessment can be customized to any worker’s injury and job.

So, if you are planning a recruitment drive and wish to determine exactly who ticks all the boxes for the jobs you advertise, get in touch with the team here at Corporate Work Health Australia to discuss how we can deliver our tried, tested and trusted methods to help you secure the best candidates.

FCE’s Help You Do Your Duty

Any employer with ambitions to grow their business and succeed will appreciate just how important it is to adhere to the prevailing health and safety standards that exist throughout Australia today. Duties of care to every employee that shares your workspace or who is directly in your employ exist. This means that appropriate measures must be taken when issues surrounding employment arise so that any new arrival meets the criteria of the job type and will not increase the risk of harm to your current workforce. A functional capacity assessment is a simple but highly effective way to determine whether a prospective new hire is fit for the job they are under consideration for.

With regards to employees who intend to return to work in the aftermath of an injury, the option is also available for employers to have them undertake a functional capacity evaluation to ensure that they demonstrate an ability to complete their work without risk. The last thing any employer wants is for a valued staff member to experience a recurrence of their injury. Nor do they wish to see a new hire harmed, or harm others simply because they did not have the physical capacity to do the job.

Pre Employment Assessments and Risk Management

At Corporate Work Health Australia, we work alongside our clients to ensure that they receive a tailor-designed program that is ideal for the individuals that require testing. We can adjust our evaluations to afford you a measure against which new hires and returning workers can be tested, which limits the possibility of future injury.

A pre employment functional assessment is important for many reasons. Naturally, an attractive position in a company is something that any candidate wants to secure. While their curriculum vitae may be impressive and they have the requisite training and experience to their credit, without this assessment you take a chance in employing them. This is because our assessment seeks to test whether they have a current injury if they can physically complete the work and if they have an increased future risk of injury, what can be done about it?

Gaining key insights of this nature upfront is vital for risk management. It equips you with the knowledge that you need to either make adjustments to the role to suit a candidate that you believe can add value, or it can make the decision to go with another candidate much easier to make, where adjustments are not possible. You may also identify other roles within the organisation that may be a better fit for the favoured candidate, which gives you another option.

The mitigation of risk is crucial to safeguard the business that you have worked hard to create. As such, taking advantage of the tools that can provide you with the best information is the smart approach to hiring and welcoming recovered employees back.

Protect Your Staff and Your Company

The goal for any business owner is to turn up at work and focus on doing the things that they do best. Knowing that your employees are protected and have every chance to safely carry out their work to the best of their abilities is invaluable and brings peace of mind, and, of course, profitability.

As such, a pre employment functional capacity assessment should become part of your hiring process, no matter what role you hope to fill. For a bespoke approach that is built around your needs and that of your business, opt for the health professionals here at Corporate Work Health Australia. We can help to create a safer, better workplace.

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Pre Employment Physical (Functional) Assessment (PEFA)

“Injury and musculoskeletal disorders led to 90% of serious claims in 2014–15, with the most common traumatic joint/ligament and muscle/tendon injuries (almost 45%). Safe Work Australia estimate in 2012–13, work-related injury and disease cost the Australian economy $61.8 billion, representing 4.1% of GDP. It is estimated that 1 in 10 employees currently employed for a given job are unfit to perform those duties safely.”

Pre Employment Assessment & Functional Capacity Evaluation (FCE) Services are carried out at all major cities around Australia. The process of recruitment, the impact of work related injuries and the resulting labour replacement efforts can be a costly exercise for any business. The cost of loss time and related medical expenses associated with injuries to Australian employers is significant.

Corporate Work Health Australia’s pre-employment functional assessments are a series of tests that provide objective information about an applicant’s physical and functional capacity in relation to the job for which they are applying. The PEFA is designed to help identify workers with and without medical conditions, impairments or disabilities in order to determine if they will be placed at imminent risk of injury or pose risk to co-workers when required to perform the essential functions of a job.

This process is important when considering the potential costs associated with work injury that may have resulted from a mismatch between a worker and the demands of the job, a step that is often overlooked in the standard pre-employment medical. This service is becoming increasingly recognised as an important part of injury prevention and ultimately assists in reducing employer’s premiums associated with workplace injuries and lost time. 

At Corporate Work Health Australia we adopt the JobFit Training System to undertake pre employment screening and functional capacity evaluations.

The JobFit Training System was developed by health and safety specialists (physiotherapists, ergonomists) to provide companies a simple, safe, effective and reliable method to record key physical requirements of tasks and safely matching these with the functional abilities of workers with minimal duplication of information and services.  Read more about the JobFit Training System by clicking the link


Pre Employment Functional Assessment (PEFA)

The JobFit System Pre-Employment Functional Assessment (PEFA) is a job-specific short-form Functional Capacity Evaluation.

Each JobFit System PEFA takes about an hour and includes a musculoskeletal screen, aerobic fitness test, job-specific static and dynamic postural tolerances (eg reaching, squatting, climbing) and job-specific lifting and carrying tasks.

A JobFit System PEFA answers three questions:

  1. Does the worker have a current injury?
  2. Has the worker demonstrated the physical capacity to perform the inherent requirements of the job?
  3. Does the worker have an increased future risk of injury and what can be done about it?


Pre Employment Functional Assessment Service

The effort that you put into your craft or the design of that revolutionary product or the thought that goes into making your service the best is only worthwhile if you have an appropriate means to deliver it. There are few jobs that require solitary focus and as such, it is important to have access to trained and skilled workers who can help you achieve more in a shorter period of time.

At Corporate Work Health Australia, our pre employment functional assessment is designed to ensure that when you are looking for the right people to work with you, you are certain that those that make your shortlist are the best fit for the job. Our goal is to reduce the number of minor complaints that progress to claims and to limit the risk that goes hand-in-hand with taking on new staff to your workforce.

How Our Pre Employment Assessment Determines Suitability

A pre employment functional capacity assessment is a safeguard that protects you against the possibility of hiring an employee that is carrying an old or previous injury, or who does not meet the required physical capacity to carry out the job they have applied for.

At Corporate Work Health Australia, we ask three key questions using the JobFit System PEFA, which are:

  • Does the candidate have an existing injury?
  • Have they demonstrated the physical ability required to carry out the inherent requirements of the job?
  • Are they at an increased level of risk with regards to sustaining further injury, and if so, what can be done about it?

The importance of carrying out this functional assessment cannot be understated because it essentially is a means to ensuring that your new hire is suitable for the work and is less likely to increase the risk of being injured or causing injury to the rest of your workforce.

New entrants into any company are the most likely to sustain a workplace injury within their first months on your premises. This stems from a lack of knowledge of the site, getting to grips with the processes and procedures but also as a result of not having the capacity to comfortably and confidently complete their work.

Any employer that hires a person, fully aware that they have an existing issue fails in their duty of care to both that person and their own staff, particularly where the job they will fulfil involves work that may prove taxing and stressful, and might cause that injury to recur. We also carry our pre-employment medical assessments to ensure the candidate is physically and mentally in the right state for the role.

Hire The Right Candidate With A Pre Employment Assessment

At Corporate Work Health Australia, our team is made up of health professionals with a variety of specialist knowledge who are perfectly placed to thoroughly and competently assess the suitability of any candidate for any job role.

We act as an impartial third party that you can depend on for a clear, honest and objective opinion with regards to those you are considering hiring. This service is vital in terms of injury prevention and helps reduce the number of workplace injuries, which can have a beneficial effect on related premiums.

A pre employment functional assessment is the perfect way to back your intuition with regards to the suitability of a candidate with objective evidence. So, leave nothing to chance and get in touch with us here at Corporate Work Health Australia today for a thorough, dependable service that will stand your organization in good stead.

Functional Capacity Assessment Evaluation

PEFAs are not just PRE-Employment Functional Assessments, they are also PERIODIC Employment Functional Assessments.

More and more employers are using the JobFit System PEFA:

  • During the rehabilitation process to monitor change
  • At claim closure to determine suitability in returning to pre-injury duties
  • Prior to returning to work after a non-work related injury or illness
  • Employees transferring between jobs
  • Contractors commencing a new project

Because the JobFit System PEFA has been scientifically proven to have Good to Excellent Reliability, you can use it as a ‘repeat’ measure to monitor change over time.   This reliability means that any change in the result, is likely because of a change in the worker, not because the test was done in a different way.

JobFit System PEFA processes are standardised, but the test inclusions can be customised to the worker’s injury and their job.

We use the patented JobFit System software to objectively match the worker’s abilities to their job.

Benefits to Employer

  • Improved health and reduced injury risk of workers employed, and total workforce
  • Reduced mismatch between worker and critical job tasks leading to injury or illness
  • Record of pre-employment capacity affording some protection against false claims of injury
  • Record of pre-employment capacity helps to identify when a subsequent injury has recovered (returned to pre-injury state)
  • Functional Job Analysis allows unsafe work practices to be indentified and reduced
  • Reduction in Workcover claims and Workcover premiums through reduced injury rates


All Corporate Work Health Australia’s pre-employment functional assessments are completed with a report to the employer outlining if the worker met (passed) or did not meet (failed) the critical demand criteria for the job in which they have been offered employment.

All assessments will be designed for your company and job roles, however, as a general guide most assessments address the following:

  • Pre-Assessment Information
  • Medical History
  • Aerobic Fitness
  • Musculoskeletal Assessment
  • Manual Materal Handling Assessment
  • Pre-Qualifiers (Is worker safe to complete critical job demands assessment)
  • Critical Demands Assessment

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