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Office Ergonomics Assessment Training Courses

The budget that you create in anticipation of each business year is one of the most important tasks that any owner or manager will carry out. Within this document, you determine exactly what needs to happen in order to reach the desired outcome that will please your stakeholders. Employers focused on making every dollar they spend count for something tangible may look at something like office ergonomics training courses as an unnecessary expense that has no place on their balance sheet. However, looking back is a smart way to think about how you move forward. Consider the costs incurred or drops in productivity throughout the year and work out exactly how much of that final tally is attributable to workplace injuries and absenteeism as a result of accidents. Here at Corporate Work Health Australia, we believe that while our training courses are not traditionally a key part of your budget, by allotting money and time toward them will help you reduce those absenteeism statistics and reduce the number of workplace injuries in future. We endeavor to tailor a program specific to your company’s needs and can provide consistent monitoring and measurement of how the changes have made an impact. Rest assured, ergonomics means so much more than just safety, and our service will help you appreciate this. Read More

The Need for Office Ergonomics Training

Office work can often involve sitting at a desk for long periods and being occupied with repetitive tasks. That can be bad for an employee’s health, causing stress and strains that can ultimately lead to more serious and long-term health conditions.

This problem isn’t only confined to office workers since it can apply to anyone who performs tasks repetitively. It’s important, therefore, that the problem is resolved to avoid adverse consequences for employees and the business.

How Office Ergonomics Training Courses Will Help

Poor working practices lead to many employees suffering from musculoskeletal disorders (MSD) every year and that’s not only bad for their well-being but can also have serious effects for their company. They can lead to long-term illnesses that can result in absences from work, reduced productivity, additional costs and even claims against the business.

Training employees in safe working practices will enable them to:

  • realise what ergonomics is about and why it’s important
  • recognise the risks they take in the workplace and their likely consequences
  • make changes to the way they work so risks are eliminated and injuries are reduced
  • transfer lessons learned into their life outside work, so they have a safer and healthier existence at all times
  • have improved well-being and fewer health issues.

Ergonomics isn’t just about having a good posture and an adjustable chair. And it doesn’t just apply to office workers but to their supervisors and managers, and anyone else who is prone to risk so that the whole workforce can operate safely.

Empowerment through Increased Knowledge

Workers can’t control what they don’t know about and so our office ergonomics training will give them the ability to understand the problems and what they can do about them. Knowledge gives them power to control their working environment and make them safer.

Ergonomics training may well be the most important safety training that office workers will undertake since it immeasurably improves the way they work and results in greater levels of well-being. And since our courses are tailored specifically to meet the needs of individual companies, the information we impart is always relevant to all course participants. We provide training to a wide range of businesses and so are familiar with the specific challenges they face.

Once trained, employees will be able to adapt working practices and set up their own workstations in the best way to ensure a healthy and safe way of working. Safe working will become second nature and will mean employees are healthier, happier and will have less time off work due to injuries and illnesses. They’ll be more independent and able to assess risk and avoid dangers rather than being totally reliant on others to ensure their safety.

Office ergonomics training courses should be seen as an investment rather than as an expense. They result in increased well-being for all employees, reduced claims for compensation, lower sickness rates and increased productivity. And looking after the health of your employees means you’re more likely to be viewed as a caring and conscientious employer so it’s an all-win situation.

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Why You Need Office Ergonomic Training

In order to clarify that point, ergonomics is better described as the implementation of tailored health and safety and wellness programs that optimize human performance. At Corporate Work Health Australia, we take a close look at how your workforce engages with its environment in order to determine whether the processes and practices in place are negatively impacting them.

Our office ergonomics training engages your employees in a manner that is fitting for the work that they complete. Onsite training is a vastly superior way of delivering key messages and educating staff in an environment that they understand and has relevance. We don’t believe in doling out off the shelf ergonomic programs, but instead, seek to expand the modes of delivery that we use so that we can make the greatest impression on those that need change to happen.

Some people believe that ergonomics is for those that sit at computer workstations only. This could not be further from the truth. Anybody that engages their body throughout the day in the completion of their work duties can benefit from a risk assessment in order to determine where improvements could be made to reduce stress on the body and limit the possibility of injury.

We touched on this already, but it is common that people think of ergonomics as an expensive undertaking. Think about it this way, if you had the chance to bolster productivity, improve morale, retain staff more than you turn them over and watch your overall profitability increase, wouldn’t you invest in the tools today that would enable you to steadily achieve this? Our ergonomics assessment training course is the perfect tool to enable your employees to understand what is required and also teach and enable future employees in the company.

How Office Ergonomics Training Courses Can Improve Your Business

While workplaces are made up of adults, it is short-sighted for any manager or business owner to assume that their employees will automatically take the right approach to their work practices without the benefit of training. It goes without saying that every business has its own culture and standards, as such, office ergonomics training courses are essential every few months or at least once a year to make sure that the procedures in place are followed and new hires gain the benefit of a deeper understanding of what is expected of them. The value of regularly engaging your workers in such training extends into many different areas of the business. While it may seem like ergonomics are solely to do with physicality and best practices in terms of lifting, sitting or carrying out work that involves potentially hazardous materials, the cumulative effect of an accident can be extensive. At Corporate Work Health Australia, we have worked with companies and businesses of all sizes that implemented training in the wake of an accident or claim from an employee. With the right training and education in place, you can expect to improve your employees’ work skills, which inevitably helps their productivity levels as they gain confidence. It is easy for some to identify unsafe practices, but many others are content to turn a blind eye unless they know that identifying risks in the workplace is expected.

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Why You Need Office Ergonomic Training

Those that are considering office ergonomics training may wonder what is involved. Well, the general idea is that you gain the expertise and insights of a team of health professionals that understand exactly how workspaces impact on the wellbeing of those that carry out their day-to-day routines there.

Risks can exist in many different areas of business and our goal is to help identify poor work practices that could lead to injury. As such, this is a proactive way to address any concerns that repeatedly are reported or to gain a true sense of how fit-for-purpose your business actually is.

Employees appreciate this training because it is a clear indication that their employers are taking an interest in their health and putting measures in place to afford them every chance to perform at their best. A welfare first workplace is one that gains positive word-of-mouth and this can also make you an attractive option for prospective new hires.

Overall, this training is designed to establish a culture of safety in the workplace. Regardless of how old-fashioned or modern your offices or work floors are, learning how to improve the way your employees engage with their workstations and implementing changes that promote better work practices ensures that you not only create a culture that rewards safety, but your profitability possibilities can also increase.

Tailored to the Modern Workplace

There is a greater expectation of modern workplaces to adhere to health and safety standards. Every employer has a duty of care to their employees, but even with the ideal furniture and ergonomic tools in place, without appropriate training, all your investment may not protect you from further injuries.

As such, by retaining the services of the team here at Corporate Work Health Australia, you can provide your workforce with office ergonomics training appropriate for the environment they interact with and can expect see a fantastic return on your investment in their wellbeing. Prior to bringing on new employees, you should also assess them with a pre employment medical assessment to ensure they have the skills required to carry out their tasks, or else this can affect the existing workforce as they will have to take on more responsibility if your new staff are incompetent.

When you retain the services of the team here at Corporate Work Health Australia for one of our office ergonomics training courses, we can cater to how we look at your organization as you wish. Maybe you have already identified a single work process that regularly results in injuries, or you may prefer to take the opportunity to have health professionals assess your entire company.

Regardless, you can depend on us for a thorough and clear, professional approach to enhancing the health, safety and wellbeing of your staff. We offer our ergonomic assessment services in Perth and all other major Australian cities. Contact us today to discuss your needs and let’s take the first step toward a healthier balance sheet.


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