Save Money & Time By Reducing Compensation Premiums & Workplace Injuries Through Manual Handling Training

Manual Handling Train the Trainer

Workplaces are constantly in flux. From one year to another a business might see a turnover of staff in small or large numbers, depending on the size of the organisation. As such, it is essential if your workers will engage in office work or manual handling, the necessary skills and education are in place to ensure that new hires are competently briefed on how best to carry it out in a manner that reduces the risk of injury or accident.

At Corporate Work Health Australia, our manual handling train the trainer services are a sure fire way to increase the knowledge base of your company in terms of how best to manage a healthy and safe environment. Our team are made up of health professionals who are also business owners, and so you can depend on us to deliver a service that is simultaneously practical and designed from wealth and depth of experience.

As a business owner, we know that your top priority is the health, safety and wellbeing of your staff. If they are fit and content in their work, then you can expect to see productivity increase and your profitability grow as a consequence. Our service seeks to prevent and manage musculoskeletal complaints and we achieve this through assessing and eliminating workplace hazards through a manual handling risk assessment.

Train the Trainer Courses Limits the Risk in Your Workplace

Sometimes the smallest and seemingly least impactful processes and actions can lead to injury or accident. At Corporate Work Health Australia, we seek to provide our clients with objective insight into their workplace, which will indicate where improvements could be made to lessen the burden on your workers and, in turn, reduce the number of minor complaints and, indeed, absenteeism.

Manual handling train the trainer services allow companies to take control of and better manage the risk of workplace injury and build a sustainable working model suited to their business. Our goal is to tailor-design a program that is built around your specific business, crafted to deliver the best possible outcomes and in a way that is relevant to your employees.

Those that participate in the manual handling training course gain a greater understanding of the risks that are present in the workplace and how to instruct their staff in terms of manual handling. The education gained will afford you the chance to streamline and improve your processes and practices, even in small ways, which can lead to the greater overall wellbeing of those you employ.

Train the Trainer Courses is a Proactive Solution

Implementing a carefully thought out plan for manual handling in a timely manner can make a huge difference. It will spare unnecessary wear and tear on your employees’ bodies, reduce the stress that they experience throughout the working day, which consequently limits the mental burden that an injury or accident can have, which makes for a much more positive life outside of the workplace.

At Corporate Work Health Australia, we believe that our manual handling train the trainer service alongside an ergonomic assessment is the ideal way for a business to embrace risk and safety strategies that will enable it to become more profitable and will make it less likely that key staff feel the need to seek employment elsewhere.

Another proactive solution that can improve the well being of your office from the get go is a functional capacity evaluation. This assessment ensures that the employee is capable of their duties and tasks and if not, it will outline what is lacking in their skills, this gives clearer clarity in terms of how much you need to train them or look to hire someone else that has the required skills for the task.

A safe and healthy workplace counts for a lot and we are the team to help you achieve this. So, get in touch with us today for a speedy quote and a route toward a happier, safer workforce.

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